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DMC Ukraine

Our DMC in Ukraine is Albatros. Join us in Ukraine - Albatros is a top DMC and organises events, activities, incentives and leisure travel in Ukraine.

FITs, Groups and MICE to Ukraine

DMC Ukraine

Ukraine - the land of folklore and dance

Welcome to Albatros DMC Ukraine, your gateway to an enchanting Eastern European adventure! We take immense pride in offering unparalleled destination management services in the beautiful country of Ukraine.

With our expert guidance, your clients will be captivated by the rich history and cultural heritage that Ukraine has to offer. From the majestic golden-domed cathedrals in Kyiv to the picturesque cobblestone streets of Lviv, each step unveils a story of its own.

Bestselling itinerary Ukraine

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Ukraine: An Unforgettable 4-Day Itinerary

Welcome to Ukraine, a land of diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture! Albatros DMC Ukraine is delighted to present an exceptional 4-day itinerary that will captivate your clients' hearts and minds as they explore the best this beautiful country has to offer.

Day 1: Upon arrival in Kyiv, your clients will receive a warm Ukrainian welcome and be transferred to their luxurious accommodation, the Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv. After settling in, they can unwind and take in the elegant surroundings or venture out to explore the nearby attractions.

Day 2: On the second day, your clients will embark on a fascinating Kyiv city tour. They will discover the historical treasures of Kyiv, including the iconic Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, an ancient cave monastery, and Saint Sophia Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day 3: Bid farewell to Kyiv as your clients travel to Lviv, a city brimming with architectural wonders and cultural gems. Upon arrival, they will check in at the luxurious Leopolis Hotel, where they can relax and indulge in the city's unique ambiance.

Day 4: The final day in Lviv will be devoted to a captivating city tour, revealing the city's medieval roots through its cobblestone streets, impressive cathedrals, and charming coffee houses. Your clients will explore Rynok Square, the heart of Lviv, where they can admire the intricacies of the Town Hall and relish a cup of Lviv's famed coffee. After a delightful lunch at Kryivka, a restaurant styled as a secret underground bunker, they will depart for the airport, bidding adieu to Ukraine with cherished memories.

With its blend of old-world charm and contemporary allure, Ukraine offers an unforgettable experience for business and leisure travelers alike. This itinerary ensures your clients will have a fulfilling and memorable stay, immersing themselves in the captivating culture and history of this Eastern European gem.

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Event ideas in Ukraine

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Destination Services

Our Destination services in Ukraine

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • Cozy accommodations in picturesque Ukrainian villages and historic cities.
  • Team-building activities like treasure hunts in vast Ukrainian landscapes.
  • Modern conference facilities and meeting spaces equipped with the latest technology.
  • Gala dinners in opulent palaces or elegant mansions with a touch of Ukrainian grandeur.
  • Efficient transportation services, including private coaches or luxury car rentals.
  • Knowledgeable local guides for city tours, sharing stories of Ukrainian culture and heritage.
  • Domestic flights for convenient travel between major Ukrainian cities.
  • Creative ideas for unique experiences, such as Cossack-themed evenings with traditional dances and sword demonstrations.
  • Cultural performances showcasing Ukrainian music, traditional folk dances, and captivating theater shows.
  • Wellness retreats and spa treatments inspired by the healing properties of Ukrainian natural resources.
  • Adventurous activities like trekking in the Carpathian Mountains or exploring the mystical tunnels of Kyiv's underground.
  • City tours highlighting architectural landmarks, like Kyiv's St. Sophia Cathedral or Lviv's Old Town.
  • Visits to art galleries and museums to explore Ukrainian contemporary art and historical artifacts.
  • Themed workshops in traditional crafts like Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter egg decorating) or Petrykivka painting.
  • Exploration of nearby attractions like the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone or the charming city of Odessa on the Black Sea coast.
  • Culinary tours to discover the rich flavors of Ukrainian cuisine, including borscht, varenyky (dumplings), and the famous Kyiv cake.

    FITs, Groups and MICE to Ukraine

Highlights Ukraine

St Sophia's Cathedral
Admire the architectural masterpiece in Kyiv, a UNESCO gem adorned with captivating frescoes.

Discover the heart of Ukraine, a vibrant city blending history, culture, and modernity harmoniously.

Embrace the Black Sea's charm in Odessa, a coastal treasure boasting scenic beaches and a lively atmosphere.

Witness history's haunting remnants, where the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone bears a solemn reminder of the past.

Kamyanets-Podilsky Fortress
Journey to the past in this majestic fortress, where medieval walls whisper stories of resilience.

Map Ukraine

Albatros DMC

Albatros DMC Ukraine

Albatros DMC
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