We have four offices to support buyers worldwide. Please contact us at: info@bodyandsoulinternational.com


  • DMC advise

    DMC advise

  • Destination knowledge

    Destination knowledge

  • DMC support

    DMC support

  • Meet DMCs personally

    Meet DMCs personally

  • Familiarize yourself with a destination

    Familiarize yourself with a destination

  • Attend hosted buyer dinners

    Attend hosted buyer dinners

  • Participate in workshops

    Participate in workshops

  • Body and Soul buyer support

    Body and Soul buyer support

About you

You need to work with a reliable, trustworthy DMC who ensures that your program runs smoothly and your client is happy. And you need this every time.

We give you:
A great DMC who listens to you * Our Body and Soul buyer support  * Destination knowledge * DMC advise

You can:
Meet our DMCs personally * Familiarise yourself with a destination * Attend hosted buyer dinners * Visit shows with us * Participate in our workshops

Your travel cartoons


Each month we publish a new travel cartoon, which is specially made for us by Wimpie Comics.

The cartoon is always based on recent travel news.

If you Like our Facebook page - you can view the latest cartoon each month.

Your country inspections

FAM trip for agent

Sometimes you need to know what a destination has to offer, before you can properly sell it yourself. Or you need to look at the best options, before you present it to the client. This is where our DMCs are of great value. Together with you they will put together the most efficient program based on your wish list.

Don't hesitate to let us know what you need and we will work with you to make it happen.

Your inspiration for a new program idea


Our Body and Soul bears will travel to a different destination each month and spend some time with our local DMC, who will give them the royal treatment.

Our Bears will pose with the team and show you the best program ideas and highlights of the destination.

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