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Eshet and sustainability

Our Commitment


Harnessing Innovation to Leave No One Behind

Israel is a vibrant, multicultural society, with 9 million inhabitants who speak 35 different languages. Ongoing development is at the heart of Israeli society. Since the establishment of the State, Israel has absorbed waves of immigrants, over 3.2 million, often refugees or penniless. Israel's land-area is 22,072 square kilometers with an average population density of 400 people per square kilometer. Over 90% of the country's population lives in urban areas.

Sustainable development in Israel is not a luxury or a catch phrase – it is vital in order to improve the well-being of present and future generations. This is one of the reasons that Israel attributes great importance to the SDGs and to the processes they engender.

Fueled by a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, robust technological infrastructure and a highly skilled human workforce, Israel produces solutions in all three pillars of sustainability. Innovation is one of Israel’s most valuable resources and its breakthrough solutions in fields such as communication, internet, medical systems, agriculture, biotechnology, security, water desalination, wastewater treatment and recycling, water management, digital printing and more, have long facilitated sustainable development in Israel and globally. Israel's vision is to continue to nurture its culture of innovation and expand it to all people in need on our planet and to give practical expression to the noble value of leaving no one behind.


Israel sustainable tours

We offer tours to innovation centers as per the requested interest / market segment

We can do workshops with leading entrepreneurs in their fields to share information and news in any new ideas  that are worked on


Tree Planting  all over Israel

Research on climate change is being carried out in Yatir Forest in the southern part of Israel

s Studies of the Weizmann Institute of Science, in collaboration with the Desert Research Institute at Sde Boker, have shown that the trees function as a trap for carbon in the air. Shade provided by trees planted in the desert also reduces evaporation of the sparse rainfall. Yatir Forest is a part of the NASA project FluxNet, a global network of micrometeorological tower sites used to measure the exchanges of carbon dioxide water vapor, and energy between terrestrial ecosystem and atmosphere. The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies conducts research that focuses on crops such as dates and grapes grown in the vicinity of Yatir forest. The research is part of a project aimed at introducing new crops into arid and saline zones.

Tree planting  is an option that we give our tourists to be part of preserving nature and its cycles and protecting our planet

 we offer you the chance to help ecologically restore the landscapes by planting indigenous trees

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