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Global Air and sustainability

Our Commitment


At Global Air we want to achieve more by helping people and companies travel wisely, making it as safe as possible for the environment and good for society.

Our goal is to become one of the most environmentally friendly and innovative companies in Central Asia.

Sustainability is indispensable for a successful future, so it should be included in the foundation of everything we do.


Cleaning up...

Cleaning up

Our company regularly cooperates with national parks of Kazakhstan and conducts environmental cleanups for cleaning garbage from tourist locations, including remote and nearly inaccessible ones.

Carrying out such activity, we improve the presentability of tourist locations, which is important for our business and development, and of coursewith joy, we pay our tribute to restoring nature and the reducing man-made harm.

Tree planting

Our company understands the seriousness of the annual destruction situation.

The ozone layer and the importance of forest conservation are the only possible ally in the fight against the negative effects of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

As part of regular collaboration with national parks, our company is involved in the planting of seedlings

We refuse to use disposable plastic bottles and cups in the provision of our services to customers.
Now our customers will receive a refillable bottle and take it back at the end of the trip, for disinfection and further use.


Protection of Przewalski wild horses

AT Global Air, we honor the conservation of our biological diversity.
the environment.

Therefore, next year our company plans to participate in a project to preserve and increase the Przewalski wild horse population in a national park.

This species in its history was already on the verge of extinction and is still vulnerable. We will do everything in our power to ensure that in the future the sight of the wild herds of Przewalski’s horse can please travelers from all over the world and our future generations.

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