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TLB Destinations and sustainability

Our Commitment

TLB is an incoming tour operator specialised in the Middle East and adventure & cultural programs. All our itineraries are designed around the mutual understanding and respect between the locals and the visitors to the benefit of local communities, giving travellers a genuine experience of the country, they are discovering.

Our ethical commitments are strong and being respectful of both the local communities and our surroundings is at the forefront of everything we do. We travel in small groups, aim to include wherever possible the local people and integrate locally owned accommodation, restaurants, and transportation in our programs.

Leaving nothing but footprints behind each of our trips is not always possible but we work hard to come as close as possible by reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible. Our offices offer recycling facilities, green energies, paperless processes and the use of reusable goods to ban single use plastic and the whole team shares the same vision - Create memories, not waste.


Lebanon sustainability

Spend a night with a local family, enjoy a meal with them and discuss their daily concerns about life, family, work, food, and customs; while with their instruments, they start playing their music, inviting you to sing, dance, and laugh…

Then, you return home with happy moments that carried your dream beyond time and distance…

For TLB Destinations, the trip’s authenticity lies in the essence of those charming encounters; to live, breathe, and taste the destination as seen through the eyes of the locals. Therefore we conceive our programs as experiences designed with care, attention, and respect towards the local cultures and with responsibility, professionalism, and creativity towards you, our visitor. 

Pioneers in responsible tourism in the Middle East, we design our trips to promote mutual understanding and respect between the locals and the tourist to the benefit of local communities. 

We travel in small groups, accompanied by local tour leaders, relying on locally owned accommodation, restaurants, and transportation while encouraging the use of recyclable materials on our trips. 

We speak the language of the local culture, we share their homemade meals, and we even spend the night


CIFA (Centre pour l'Insertion par la Formation et l'Activite) was founded in collaboration with the French association “sapaef 94” (Actions Emplois Formations 94), an active profession orientated training provider since 1987, in order to provide new job opportunities for the unemployed in Lebanon.

Established in September 2005 by tour operator TLB Destinations, CIFA has initiated training programs which focus on the linkages between tourism, conservation and sustainable development, all within the movement for responsible tourism. CIFA also supports and creates projects to provide motivation, income and livelihood for members of the local community, with a focus on rural regions. In collaboration with responsible tour operator CYCLAMEN we organize outings for city kids to discover the natural and cultural heritage of rural regions.


Tour Leader Training Program  2010 With limited job opportunities currently we encourage unemployed to participate in training sessions held by CIFA. The courses are aimed at contributing to the quality and efficiency of services provided by tour leaders in the region. For more details and to register for the next training please contact us.Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. training is given by  instructors with several years of experience in the sector of responsible tourism.

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 Objectives of CIFA training programs:

  • Contribute to job opportunities for unemployed in the Middle East
  • Raise awareness of local communities regarding their heritage
  • Create financial opportunities to rural communities
  • Improve the contact between travelers and local communities
  • Advance the growing responsible tourism sector
  • Avoid the harmful effects of tourism in mountains and deserts
  • Guarantee safeguarding standards

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