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Abenteuer Afrika Safari and sustainability

Our Commitment

 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

"If our land had no wildlife, our eyes would be hungry" – Chief Ndjiwa of Onguta Village, Ehirovipuka Conservancy, Namibia.

People, wildlife and organisations are all part of the greater community to which we, Abenteuer Afrika Safari, belong.

In creating journeys for people who are attracted by Namibia's pristine natural beauty and cultural wealth, we also support and thank the tireless efforts of the people who protect these assets.

We participate in countless projects to contribute to protecting Namibia.

Appropriately, Abenteuer Afrika Safaris has chosen to celebrate and contribute to the TOSCO community that cares for Namibia's wild places in the hope that we can share Namibia's spectacular natural beauty now and in the future.

A bouquet for Abenteuer from Eco Awards Namibia!

A joint initiative between the Namibian Tourism Board and the Namibian Nature Foundation, Eco Awards Namibia focuses on environmental sustainability, promoting selective and careful use of resources, championing recycling and reutilisation - important components for Namibia's fragile and unique eco system. Thanks to the efforts of the Abenteuer Afrika Safari Team in creating and implementing environmentally sustainable practices, we have been awarded five flowers, the maximum score in Namibia's Eco Awards Programme!


Sustainable activities

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Tears of Hope

"Well brought-up children can play a very big role when they are adults in fighting poverty, so therefore it is very important for us to try and take children off the streets,” are the wise words of Naftalina Mauha. She started off as a HIV/AIDS Counsellor and due to the urgent need for housing for HIV/AIDS orphans, has developed and maintained a safe haven for orphans and HIV Positive mothers which she calls the Tears of Hope. From her two bedroomed house and then into a 6 bedroomed house, she feeds and clothes orphans from babies to young teenagers as well as their vulnerable mothers. An Abenteuer Staff initiative – not management driven – ensures that on a regular basis, clothing, food and cash find their way to Tears of Hope.

Abenteuer Afrika Safaris has chosen to celebrate and contribute to the TOSCO community that cares for Namibia's wild places in the hope that we can share Namibia's spectacular natural beauty now and in the future.

Top Kids Kindergarten

After a lavish banquet in the desert for 300 delegates, there is often an oversupply of food. We take care to preserve the excess so that the orphaned and destitute children at Top Kids Kindergarten in Swakopmund can enjoy a hearty and nutritious meal as often as possible.

Your donations of cash or in kind will be used to provide the school with essential facilities.

Elephant-Human Relations Aid

The desert-adapted elephants that roam freely in Damaraland and Kaokoland are indeed a national treasure. Attracting hundreds of tourists, photographers and conservationists every year, not only are they an integral part of the unique ecosystem they are also worth a pretty packet in foreign income.

But for the people living Damaraland and Kaokoland, the elephants are livelihood-wreckers and a deadly hazard. The Elephant-Human Relations Aid (EHRA) is an non-profit volunteer organisation that works with the local communities to protect them and their water sources from destruction by the elephants while taking care not to deprive the elephants of their much-needed share.


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