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Activities and news Hong Kong

Here you find an overview of all activities and latest destination news posted about Hong Kong

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Activities Hong Kong

Crown DMC Hong Kong

Are you searching for a premier Destination Management Company in the vibrant city of Hong Kong? Look no further – Crown DMC is your gateway to unparalleled services in one of Asia's most dynamic destinations.

Hong Kong offers a myriad of experiences, from the towering skyscrapers of Central to the traditional markets of Kowloon. Crown DMC is your partner in unlocking the essence of this bustling metropolis. With a team of local experts boasting intimate knowledge of Hong Kong, they ensure your clients discover the city's hidden gems and iconic landmarks alike.

Collaborating with Crown DMC means tapping into a wealth of event planning expertise. Whether orchestrating corporate meetings, conferences, or group excursions, Crown DMC transforms concepts into experiences full of wonder. Picture team-building activities amidst the city skyline or a serene retreat overlooking Victoria Harbour – Crown DMC can make all of that happen.

What distinguishes Crown DMC is their commitment to crafting personalized tours with joy. They allow your clients to become immersed in the richness of local culture, explore historic sites like the Tian Tan Buddha, and savor the eclectic flavors of Hong Kong's diverse cuisine.

So, if you’re planning to offer your clients extraordinary adventures in the heart of Hong Kong, Crown DMC is your ideal collaborator. Contact us today for tailored proposals.

Latest destination news Hong Kong

Direct Flights between Mexico City and Shenzhen

Direct Flights between Mexico City and Shenzhen - 

Get ready for an exciting journey as China Southern Airlines, the nation's largest carrier, embarks on its maiden voyage from Mexico City with nonstop flights to and from Shenzhen, commencing 17th  April, 2024. This will be a twice weekly route. This exciting news makes further travel to Hong Kong and Thailand etc much easier. 

Key Highlights:

  • Historic Flight Route: Covering over 16 hours across the Pacific, this trailblazing route marks China's longest flight and one of the planet's lengthiest regular journeys, spanning 14,147 kilometers (8,790 miles).
  • Strategic Move: Despite logistical challenges, China Southern's decision underscores Mexico's growing allure as a business gateway, attracting Chinese enterprises seeking alternative routes.
  • Economic Momentum: With burgeoning bilateral trade and investments, China's direct engagement with Mexico surged to $587 million in 2022, setting a record high, indicative of the strengthening economic ties.
  • Trade Boost: As commerce flourishes, Chinese businesses, including Tesla suppliers like BYD Co., are establishing manufacturing footholds in Mexico, amplifying exports and diversifying market access.
  • Resilient Partnership: Despite pandemic-induced disruptions, both countries' commitment to fostering trade remains unwavering, with China Southern's new service paving the way for enhanced connectivity and collaboration.

Direct Flights between Mexico City and Shenzhen

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said :

“We reiterated our commitment to continue maintaining good relations for the benefit of our people and our nations,”

This landmark initiative symbolizes the deepening partnership between China and Mexico, fostering mutual prosperity and paving the way for future collaborations. Buckle up for a journey of growth, innovation, and opportunity! 

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