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Breathtaking Sunrise Walk at Mount Merapi

Breathtaking Sunrise Walk at Mount Merapi - 

Get ready for a thrilling adventure with Kelana DMC’s unique sunrise walk held on Mount Merapi. This carefully curated experience allows you to enjoy the magnificent beauty and stunning sights from one of Indonesia’s most recognisable active volcanoes.

Discovering the Magic of Mount Merapi at Sunrise

Start your day off early, before sunrise, by journeying to Mount Merapi from your accommodation. As you reach the bottom of the volcano there is much anticipation as this promises to be an extraordinary experience. Equipped with headlamps, our expert guides will take you through the first steps up in the dark.

The Climb

The climb to Mount Merapi peak is moderately challenging and can be attempted by anyone who has reasonable fitness levels. The trail passes through lush forests and rocky paths all lit up by your torches. On your way up there are occasional views of lava flows and surrounding landscapes that give you a taste of what it feels like hiking over an active volcano mountain.

Reaching the Summit

As you get closer to the summit, it begins getting brighter outside exposing contours of a fascinatingly attractive landscape underneath. We'll reach  the summit just in time for sun rise; there awaits a sight that will leave you breathless: rays from heaven breaking over an abyss throwing golden light on slopes created from volcanic materials as well as valleys encircling it all round. The panoramic views from the summit are truly breathtaking, offering a unique perspective of Indonesia's natural beauty.

Immersive Experience

Take some time at the summit to savour its amazing views and serene atmosphere. Our knowledgeable guides will share fascinating insights into the geology and history of Mount Merapi, including stories of past eruptions and local legends. You will have enough time both to take photos and to enjoy the experience before descending.

The Descent

The way down is a different but beautiful view of Mount Merapi. As you go back, you will tread the same diverse landscapes; only this time they are bathed in morning light. On your return, there is a chance to reflect on what has just happened and admire the beauty that lies in front of you.

Post-Trek Relaxation

After the trek, enjoy a well-deserved breakfast at a nearby local eatery, where you can taste traditional Indonesian dishes and recharge. It’s also a good time to exchange stories with you and your group about the hike and its highlights.

Personalised Experiences

This Breathtaking Sunrise Walk at Mount Merapi is suited for those looking for adventure, nature lovers or photography fans. We have customised itineraries that enable you to concentrate on whatever aspect of Mount Merapi interests you most so it would be an unforgettable trip for all participants.

Seamless Travel Experience

We put your comfort and convenience first at Kelana DMC. Our service includes luxury transport options as well as carefully organised logistics so that your trip can be smooth without any worries whatsoever.Our team knows experts dedicated towards ensuring you get lost in the beauty of Mount Merapi.

Schedule Your Sunrise Walk today

Take an amazing journey with Kelana DMC and feel the enchantment of a sunrise walk on Mount Merapi. Watch the breathtaking 360-degree views and unearth the natural and geological history of this still active volcano. Get in touch now to book your trip and explore Indonesia’s marvels with Kelana DMC.

Design your custom-made sunrise walk at Mount Merapi with Kelana DMC. We are here as a team to give you an unforgettable experience that will showcase Indonesia’s finest natural treasures. Contact us today so that we can tell you more, start you off on our trip through Indonesia’s magnificent landscapes, filled with wonders of volcanoes.

09 July 2024