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DMC Morocco

Our DMC in Morocco is MidFar. Join us in Morocco - MidFar is a top DMC and organises events, activities, incentives and leisure travel in Morocco.

FITs, Groups and MICE to Morocco

DMC Morocco

Morocco - welcoming, colorful and delicious

Welcome to MidFar DMC, your gateway to the enchanting realm of Morocco! As your dedicated destination management company for this captivating country, we are thrilled to bring your clients an unforgettable journey through a land where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern allure.

Picture your clients wandering through the bustling souks of Marrakech, where vibrant textiles and aromatic spices create a sensory symphony.

Bestselling itinerary Morocco

Discover the allure of Morocco with our 6-day "Essence of Morocco" itinerary, meticulously tailored to satisfy the desires of your discerning clients. This enchanting journey offers a harmonious blend of cultural immersion and leisure, promising an unforgettable experience in the heart of North Africa.

Day 1: Welcome to Marrakech, where your clients will be greeted warmly and transferred to the luxurious Riad Kniza. After settling in, they can unwind amidst the elegant Moroccan décor or explore the Riad's opulent amenities.

Day 2-3: These days are dedicated to a captivating conference held at Riad Kniza. Your clients will partake in insightful sessions, with delectable Moroccan cuisine served during lunches. To infuse a touch of adventure, a half-day guided city tour on Day 3 awaits. The tour includes iconic landmarks like the bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa square, the historic Bahia Palace, and the Koutoubia Mosque.

Day 4: An excursion to the breathtaking Atlas Mountains offers a refreshing change of scenery. Your clients will trek through picturesque Berber villages and scenic landscapes, culminating in a delightful lunch at a traditional mountain lodge.

Day 5: A journey to the coastal gem of Essaouira awaits. Here, your clients can savor the charm of this historic port city, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant medina, and artistic spirit. They will relish a sumptuous seafood lunch by the seaside.

Day 6: After a hearty breakfast at Riad Kniza, your clients will check out and be transferred to the airport. This marks the end of their remarkable Moroccan journey, leaving them with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for the country's rich culture.

Morocco's allure lies in its vibrant blend of ancient traditions and modern elegance. This meticulously curated itinerary ensures that your clients will experience the essence of Morocco, from its bustling markets and historical sites to its serene landscapes and warm hospitality.

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Destination Services

Destination Services Morocco

Our Destination services in Morocco

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • Authentic Riad accommodations in bustling medinas of Marrakech and Fes.
  • Sahara Desert adventures including camel treks and camping under the stars.
  • State-of-the-art conference facilities with Moroccan architectural flair.
  • Arabian Nights-themed gala dinners in ancient kasbahs or palaces.
  • Comprehensive transportation services, from comfortable coaches to private transfers.
  • Knowledgeable local guides for immersive medina tours and desert excursions.
  • Domestic flights and efficient travel options for exploring diverse regions.
  • Moroccan-style spa experiences with hammams, argan oil massages, and rose petal baths.
  • Live performances of traditional Moroccan music, including mesmerizing Gnawa rhythms.
  • Trekking and mountain biking tours in the Atlas Mountains' breathtaking landscapes.
  • City tours spotlighting intricate tilework, vibrant souks, and historic landmarks.
  • Visits to artisan cooperatives to witness carpet weaving and pottery craftsmanship.
  • Stays in luxury desert camps, complete with ornate furnishings and delectable cuisine.
  • Culinary tours to savor tagines, couscous, and fragrant mint tea in local eateries.
  • Exploration of ancient Roman ruins at Volubilis and the blue-painted streets of Chefchaouen.
  • Workshops on Moroccan crafts like leatherwork, mosaic, and traditional calligraphy.
  • Coastal experiences in cities like Essaouira, known for its seafood and Portuguese architecture.

    FITs, Groups and MICE to Morocco

Highlights Morocco

Immerse yourself in the artistic haven of Asilah, where whitewashed walls adorned with colorful murals blend with the ocean breeze, creating an atmosphere of creativity, tranquility, and seaside serenity.

Experience the bohemian allure of Essaouira, where the vibrant medina, windswept beaches, and the sound of traditional Gnawa music converge, inviting you to indulge in a laid-back atmosphere and a captivating coastal escape.

Step into the labyrinthine streets of Fez, where the echoes of ancient civilizations resonate, and the scent of spices fills the air, immersing you in a tapestry of history, craftsmanship, and the vibrant energy of Morocco's oldest imperial city.

Lose yourself in the sensory whirlwind of Marrakech, where bustling souks, intricate palaces, and the vibrant Jemaa el-Fna square weave a captivating tale of vibrant colors, exotic aromas, and a rich cultural heritage.

Map Morocco

Morocco map

MidFar DMC Morocco

MidFar DMC Morocco

Centre Comercial Allal Ben abdelah
47 , Rue Allal Ben Abdelah,
magasin Nº 31 ,quartier de l'horloge
20 000 Casablanca

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