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DMC Netherlands

Our DMC in the Netherlands is DMC Amsterdam. Join us in the Netherlands - DMC Amsterdam is a top DMC and organises events, activities, and incentives travel in Netherlands.

Groups and MICE to the Netherlands

DMC Netherlands

The Netherlands with beautiful Amsterdam

Welcome to DMC Amsterdam, your gateway to the enchanting Netherlands! As the premier destination management company in this delightful country, we take immense pride in curating unforgettable experiences for your clients.

From the iconic windmills that dot the countryside to the picturesque canals that wind through the heart of Amsterdam, your clients are in for a treat as they immerse themselves in the charm of the Netherlands. Our dedicated team at DMC Amsterdam will ensure that your clients explore the rich history and culture of this land with a perfect blend of traditional and modern experiences.

Bestselling itinerary Netherlands

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Amsterdam: A 4-Day Unforgettable Experience

Day 1: Explore the Historical Treasures
The first day begins with a guided walking tour that takes your clients through Amsterdam's historical treasures. They'll visit the iconic Anne Frank House, where they can immerse themselves in the poignant history of World War II. For lunch, they can indulge in delectable Dutch treats at local eateries.

Day 2: Canal Cruise and Cultural Delights
Today, your clients will experience Amsterdam's famous canal network on a scenic boat cruise. They'll pass by picturesque bridges, 17th-century merchant houses, and charming houseboats, immersing themselves in the city's unique atmosphere.

Day 3: Day Trip to Windmills and Dutch Countryside
Escape the city's buzz with a day trip to the serene Dutch countryside. Your clients will visit the historic Zaanse Schans, where they can admire traditional windmills and learn about traditional crafts like cheese-making and clog-carving. They'll enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch amidst the idyllic landscape. On the way back, they'll have the opportunity to visit the quaint fishing village of Volendam and explore its charming harbor.

Day 4: Farewell to Amsterdam
On the final day, your clients can spend their morning at leisure, shopping for souvenirs in Amsterdam's stylish boutiques or enjoying a peaceful stroll along the canals. After a sumptuous farewell breakfast, they'll check out from their hotel and be transferred to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for their departure flight. With lasting memories of Amsterdam's beauty and culture, your clients will bid adieu to this charming city.

Amsterdam's rich history, artistic heritage, and scenic canals make it an ideal destination for your clients to explore and indulge. This itinerary promises a remarkable experience, leaving your clients captivated by the enchanting charms of Amsterdam.

Activities & latest news in the Netherlands

Destination Services

Our Destination services in the Netherlands

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • modern accommodations in canal-side hotels
  • team-building activities like cycling tours in picturesque landscapes or cheese-making workshops
  • state-of-the-art conference facilities and meeting spaces with Dutch design elements
  • gala dinners in unusual settings, such as historic windmills or greenhouse venues
  • domestic flights or short-haul flights for travel between Dutch cities
  • creative ideas for unique experiences, such as tulip field picnics or boat parades
  • cultural performances showcasing Dutch music, dance, and traditional crafts like Delftware pottery
  • adventurous activities like exploring the Dutch dunes or sailing on the IJsselmeer
  • city tours highlighting iconic landmarks like Amsterdam's canals and the Rijksmuseum
  • visits to world-class museums like the Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank House
  • exploring the Dutch art scene or the UNESCO-listed Wadden Sea
  • exploration of nearby attractions like the Keukenhof Gardens or the Hoge Veluwe National Park
  • culinary tours to discover the flavors of Dutch cuisine, including Indonesian rijsttafel and Dutch pancakes
  • access to exclusive events or festivals happening in the Netherlands, such as King's Day celebrations or the Amsterdam Light Festival.

    Groups and MICE to the Netherlands

Highlights Netherlands

Charming Dutch town with historic architecture and blue-and-white pottery. Enjoy canals, Nieuwe Kerk, and Royal Delft factory.

Den Haag - The Hague
Regal elegance in political capital of the Netherlands. Explore Binnenhof, Peace Palace, Mauritshuis museum, and Scheveningen Beach.

Marken & Volendam
Embrace Dutch culture in Marken and Volendam. Wooden houses, maritime heritage, fresh herring, and art galleries.

Rich cultural city in southern Netherlands. Explore historic center, Vrijthof, Markt, underground caves, and Helpoort.

Modern, innovative city with striking architecture and dynamic waterfront. Cube Houses, Markthal, Erasmus Bridge, art scene, and diverse cuisine.

Map Netherlands

DMC Amsterdam

DMC Amsterdam

DMC Amsterdam
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 261
1021 KP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

DMC Review

Review DMC Amsterdam

exceptional incentive programme
els  · 9 days ago
Your review
"I couldn’t resist expressing my sincere appreciation for the exceptional incentive programme that your team and especially Tania organised for our group.
The experience was truly remarkable and left an indelible impression on all of us.
I want to commend Tania on her meticulous planning and flawless execution of the event. From the onset, it was evident that every aspect was thoughtfully curated, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication that your team displayed were truly commendable.
You have a little super star in Tania, she became part of our family and her dedication to our group was something I have not seen often by our partners. She is a very special human, and I will be eternally grateful for her.
We look forward to future collaborations and thank you once again for making this incentive programme an outstanding success!"
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DMC Amsterdam were great!!
Gill Dewar  · 3 years ago
Your review
Just wanted to say thanks to Rogier and his DMC Amsterdam team, they looked after our group(s) in September and our clients absolutely loved the tour. Rogier and team were great, the hotels and the coaches were really quality and I can’t thank them enough for their efforts and quality ground / land services.
Services as a DMC in total were great!! ;)

Thanks Gill, hope we can send more groups now. Thanks and keep well!
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A big Thank you
Jaapjan Fenijn  · 3 years ago
Your review
Dear team, Rogier and Wouter,
Big thank you for all help with the group. All positive feedback from my client.
I think we got to know each other a little better, even the client, for each time which give us a better understanding and a better end result.
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Thank you DMC Amsterdam
els  · 3 years ago
Your review
A wise man once said ‘Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.’ It is important to me that you know how much I appreciate the services I obtained from you, and the spirit in which they were provided.

As you know, I’m in the USA and had a meeting in Amsterdam. A previous experience taught me that if I pay expenses in Euros, I need to collect revenue in Euros to avoid the negative financial hit from currency conversions. I tried several strategies, and they all failed for a variety of reasons. It was almost on a whim that I googled ‘DMC’ and ‘Amsterdam’ and found DMCamsterdam! That search was a very lucky event for me.

I know you had not collected fees in the past, and you invested time and money to create the infrastructure to provide the service. (I’m not sure the company broke even as the revenue for my event was not that large.) Your venture into a new service worked beautifully for me. I also appreciate the additional services I received, such as the reader card to view the bank balance and transactions, and the web page to view registration records. These services were very helpful as I needed to keep an ongoing spreadsheet for registrations.

There is another reason for my gratitude, possibly the most important in the bigger picture, and that is for your integrity and honesty. The newspapers, at least here in the USA, are full of stories regarding theft of funds. I knew theft was always a possibility, but I needed to take the chance. Everything you said, put in writing, or did, was in alignment with what an honest businessman would say, write, or do. I noticed this early on, and it made me very comfortable with the business relationship.

If anyone is interested in hearing from a client of DMCamsterdam, please share my contact information with them. I would be very happy to share with someone the positive experience I’ve had working with the two of you. I hope your business continues to grow. I know if I have any more events outside the USA or Canada, I will contact you first!
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South African agents hit Holland
Gill Dewar  · 5 years ago
Your review
South African agents hit Holland and what a fantastic 3 days...from rib windmills, from escape, from kroket....from red lights and lots more. Laughter and fun was the order of the day and Wouter, Frank and the team at DMC Amsterdam pulled out all the stops to make this an extra memorable occassion.
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