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DMC Armenia

Our DMC in Armenia is Grata. Join us in Armenia - Grata is a top DMC and organises events, activities, incentives and leisure travel in Armenia.

FITs, Groups and MICE to Armenia

DMC Armenia

Armenia - a land of warmth and embrace

Let your clients explore the cobblestone streets of Yerevan, the vibrant capital city, where majestic architecture and bustling markets tell tales of centuries gone by.

Welcome to Grata DMC Armenia. As your premier destination management company we excel in creating exceptional experiences, we are here to take your clients on a remarkable adventure filled with warmth and discovery

Bestselling itinerary Armenia

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Armenia: A 7-Day Journey with Grata DMC Armenia

They can marvel at the magnificent monasteries perched atop dramatic cliffs, like Tatev or Geghard, where spirituality and architectural mastery blend harmoniously, or venture into the stunning landscapes of Lake Sevan, the "Pearl of Armenia," where azure waters meet lush mountains, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Embark on a captivating 7-day journey in Armenia with Grata DMC Armenia. Upon arrival, your clients will be warmly welcomed and transferred to the elegant Tufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel. Days 2 and 3 are dedicated to an insightful business conference, complemented by delicious refreshments. Day 3 offers a cultural immersion with a city tour, visiting iconic landmarks such as Republic Square, Matenadaran, and the Cascade complex.

Continuing the conference on Days 4 and 5, your clients can enjoy the hotel's amenities, including a relaxing spa or exploring the art galleries. For dinner, they can savor authentic Armenian cuisine at Dolmama or explore Yerevan's vibrant food scene.

Day 6 takes them on a full-day excursion outside the capital. They will visit the awe-inspiring Geghard Monastery, carved into the mountainside, and explore the ancient Garni temple. A traditional Armenian lunch in a picturesque rural setting is included.

On the final day, after breakfast and checking out, your clients will be transferred to the airport. Before departure, they can visit Yerevan's Vernissage open-air market for unique souvenirs and Armenian crafts.

Armenia offers a blend of business and leisure opportunities, with its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality. Grata DMC Armenia ensures a productive and memorable stay, allowing your clients to explore the cultural treasures and natural wonders of this captivating country.

Activities & latest news in Armenia

Yerevan - tour one of the oldest cities (nearly 3000 years) in the world

Yerevan tour one of the oldest cities

Throw your clients into an amazing world of history and modernity with our exclusive Yerevan City Tour. Commonly called ‘the Pink City’ due to its unique pinkish-colored architecture, Yerevan is also one of the oldest cities that has been inhabited continuously for millennia, blending ancient culture with contemporary lifestyle in a very special way.

Start off at the core: Yerevan is a lively metropolis full of life force. Your clients will walk along wide boulevards and charming narrow streets where every corner keeps within it centuries-old stories which have happened here; each step becomes journey through time.

The main part of this excursion is Cascade Complex, a huge 572-step stairway built as part of celebration dedicated to 2780th anniversary since foundation of the city, according to legend. There are no other places like this where visitors can enjoy such magnificent views. Opera House appears majestic against the background of biblical Ararat Mount and quiet Swan Lake; besides them, Republic Square teems with life, while historical Abovyan Avenue stretches back into centuries behind... It’s not just sightseeing but also getting acquainted with heartbeats!

Having descended from Cascade, continue moving down through Abovyan Avenue, representing cultural events in Yerevan. There are many cosy cafes here or small shops selling some souvenirs made by local craftsmen; it’s a good chance for your customers to take rest like locals do, having cup coffee produced in Armenia, known around the world as one of best ones and look over hand-made goods displayed there.

Yerevan tour - one of the oldest cities in the world

Those who are fond of cooking will find themselves in gastronomic heaven because national cuisine can be considered as another treasure reflecting rich historical past of Armenia through taste buds too! Start from traditional dishes, which you should definitely try but don’t forget about wines either.

One thing after another: there are lots of museums and galleries visited during this trip where you can learn more about Armenian art, history or just feel its spirit. One of the most significant points is National Gallery, situated not far from Republic Square, which keeps within it centuries-old artworks created by different generations representing various periods.

Adjust your program to match individual preferences, whether it’s being a history lover, an art admirer, or someone who has a passion for delicious food. You will find everything here because Yerevan has always been evolving, thus never losing its unique charm that combines past and present in an unforgettable way for every guest.

Choose DMC Armenia as your partner, offering seamless booking service along with accommodation arrangements as well as tempting dining options combined with event planning expertise and transportation solutions covering all needs required by travel agents who seek full-fledged journeys filled with knowledge about Yerevan City Tour, which promises an amazing insight into the heart of Armenia.

For more information about these exclusive tours, please contact DMC Armenia today and add another fascinating tour to offer to your clients,  which would be appreciated very much by those travellers eager to discover new places such as this one. Let them have a chance to visit a jewel among jewels: Yerevan!


Destination Services

Our Destination services in Armenia

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • luxury accommodations in historic buildings or modern hotels
  • team-building activities like traditional Armenian pottery making or wine tasting tours
  • gala dinners in unique settings like a medieval monastery or a vineyard
  • efficient and comfortable transportation services including airport transfers
  • knowledgeable local guides for city tours, cultural experiences, or outdoor activities
  • domestic flights for convenient travel within Armenia
  • creative ideas for unique group experiences, such as a traditional Armenian dance workshop or a brandy tasting session
  • adventurous activities like hiking in the mountains or paragliding over scenic landscapes
  • visits to iconic landmarks like the Garni Temple or the ancient monastic complex of Geghard
  • themed dining experiences, such as a traditional Armenian barbecue or a lavash-making demonstration
  • customized workshops in Armenian arts and crafts, such as carpet weaving or stone carving.

Highlights Armenia

Zvartnots Cathedral
Marvel at UNESCO-listed Zvartnots Cathedral's architectural splendor—ruins of a medieval masterpiece with unique circular design and intricate carvings.

Yerevan Brandy Company
Indulge in sensory journey at Yerevan Brandy Company, renowned for Armenia's finest brandy—tour, traditional process, tasting of rich aromas and flavors.

Geghard Monastery
Immerse in spiritual serenity of Geghard Monastery—UNESCO site nestled in Azat River gorge with intricately carved churches, religious ceremonies, and peaceful ambiance.

Vernissage Market
Explore Armenian arts and crafts at Vernissage Market in Yerevan—stalls filled with traditional handmade items, engaging with artisans, vibrant atmosphere.

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Grata DMC Armenia

Grata DMC Armenia

DMC Grata Armenia

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