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DMC Finland

Our DMC in Finland is One Travels Consulting. Join us in Finland - One Travels Consulting is a top DMC and organises events, activities, incentives travel in Finland.

Groups and MICE to Finland

DMC Finland

Finland - the nordic wonder

Welcome to One Travels Consulting DMC Finland, your ultimate destination management company for the enchanting land of a thousand lakes! With our expertise, your clients will embark on an unforgettable journey through Finland's captivating landscapes and immerse themselves in its unique blend of modernity and tradition.

In Finland, your clients will have the opportunity to witness the mystical Northern Lights painting the sky with vibrant hues, creating a magical atmosphere like no other. They'll explore pristine forests, encounter majestic reindeer, and experience the warmth of Finnish hospitality in cozy wooden cottages nestled amidst the breathtaking wilderness.

Bestselling itinerary Finland

Unravel the Charms of Finland: A Captivating 4-Day Itinerary

Welcome to One Travels Consulting DMC! We are thrilled to present you with our bestselling itinerary, carefully crafted to provide your clients with an unforgettable experience in the enchanting land of Finland, where nature and culture harmoniously intertwine.

Day 1: Arrive in Helsinki
Upon arrival in Helsinki, your clients will be warmly greeted and transferred to the elegant Klaus K Hotel, where they can unwind and enjoy the modern amenities. Alternatively, they may choose to explore the captivating city of Helsinki, known for its stunning architecture and vibrant atmosphere.

Day 2: Helsinki City Exploration
This day is dedicated to exploring the vibrant city of Helsinki. Your clients will embark on a guided city tour, visiting the iconic Senate Square, Helsinki Cathedral, and the unique Temppeliaukio Church, carved directly into solid rock. They will also have the opportunity to indulge in a traditional Finnish lunch at a local restaurant, savoring authentic flavors.

Day 3: Arctic Circle & Santa Claus Village
A visit to the Arctic Circle is a must. Your clients will receive a special Arctic Circle Crossing certificate and enjoy some free time in Santa Claus Village, where they can meet Santa Claus himself. The day will end with a farewell dinner, complete with Lappish delicacies, making for a truly memorable experience.

Day 4: Departure from Rovaniemi
After a delightful breakfast, your clients will check out from the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel and be transferred to the airport for their departure flight, cherishing the memories of their captivating journey through Finland's breathtaking landscapes.

With One Travels Consulting DMC Finland, your clients will encounter the finest blend of Finnish hospitality and awe-inspiring natural wonders. This itinerary ensures they will create cherished memories while exploring the unique culture and untouched wilderness of Finland.

Activities & latest news in Finland

Destination Services

Our Destination services in Finland

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • cosy and unique accommodations in Finnish Lapland
  • team-building activities such as husky sledding or ice fishing
  • gala dinners in traditional Finnish wooden cabins or ice restaurants
  • reliable transportation services
  • knowledgeable local guides for city tours and wilderness experiences
  • domestic flights to explore different regions of Finland
  • restaurant bookings for authentic Finnish cuisine, including reindeer and salmon dishes
  • creative ideas for immersive experiences, such as Northern Lights hunting tours
  • cultural performances showcasing Finnish folklore and traditional music
  • wellness activities like sauna rituals and ice swimming
  • adventurous activities like snowmobiling or skiing in Lapland
  • visits to art galleries and museums to explore Finnish art and design
  • themed workshops in Finnish crafts like glassblowing or pottery
  • exploration of nearby attractions like Santa Claus Village or Ranua Wildlife Park
  • culinary tours to discover the flavors of Finnish cuisine, including Karelian pies and cloudberry desserts
  • eco-friendly and sustainable tourism initiatives promoting responsible travel

    Groups and MICE to Finland

Highlights Finland

Discover Finland's Arctic wilderness, see the Northern Lights, and embrace unique winter experiences with reindeer and huskies.

Northern Lights
Experience the awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis in Lapland's pristine skies, witnessing swirling hues of green, pink, and purple.

Siida Cultural Center
Immerse yourself in Sámi traditions at Siida Cultural Center in Inari, exploring their history, art, and reindeer herding.

Explore the UNESCO-listed sea fortress off Helsinki's coast, discovering well-preserved fortifications and museums with scenic views.

Temppeliaukio Church
Visit Helsinki's unique Rock Church, marveling at its excavated rock architecture, copper dome, and serene ambiance..

Map Finland

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