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DMC Las Vegas

Our DMC in Las Vegas is a top destination and event management company in Las Vegas. They excel at creative incentives and events.

Origin Event Planning
for groups and MICE to Las Vegas

DMC Las Vegas

Las Vegas - the City of Sin

Welcome to Origin Event Planning DMC, your premier destination management company in the bustling city of Las Vegas. We are here to create exceptional experiences that will leave your clients spellbound in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

You and your clients will embark on a whirlwind adventure through the epitome of world-class entertainment, electrifying nightlife, and unrivaled culinary delights. We are a full-service event planning and destination management.

Bestselling itinerary Las Vegas

Picture yourself immersing themselves in the opulent casinos, testing your luck at the blackjack tables and feel the exhilaration of witnessing live performances by globally acclaimed artists. Let the magic of Las Vegas ignite your senses and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Adrenaline Mountain

At Origin Event Planning, we create your ultimate group experience and introduce your clients to the thrilling world of Adrenaline Mountain, a 400-acre adventure amusement park in Las Vegas.

It promises to deliver pulse-pounding experiences like no other. Your clients are in for an adrenaline-fueled journey as they choose from an impressive selection of eight attractions, each offering a unique and exhilarating adventure.

At Adrenaline Mountain, they can unleash their inner warrior by shooting a wide range of over 170 guns, including handguns, rifles, sniper rifles, and even full-auto weapons. For those seeking an off-road escapade, they can explore the picturesque desert canyons aboard powerful Honda Talons or Polaris RZR's. And for the ultimate power trip, they can take control of heavy equipment like the "Big Cat" Excavator and crush a car or dig into the earth.

But the excitement doesn't end there. Your clients can also showcase their precision with axe throwing and archery, including the crossbow. And if they crave a truly explosive experience, they can release the fury of a flamethrower, shooting flames up to 100 feet!

With each guest allowed to select three activities from this adrenaline-packed menu, Adrenaline Mountain ensures an unforgettable Las Vegas experience that satisfies every thrill-seeker's desires.

Activities & latest news in Las Vegas

Las Vegas activity: Outlet Shopping Adventure

Las Vegas activity Outlet Shopping Adventure - showing you the best

Indulging in the thrill of outlet shopping in Las Vegas offers an enticing incentive that's hard to resist. The city boasts a wealth of great outlet malls, making it a shopping paradise unlike any other destination. Enjoy a guided Las Vegas outlet shopping adventure – taking you to the best outlet finds.

You’ll be guided to the  best world-renowned designer boutiques and brand-name stores. The mere prospect of scoring fabulous deals on high-end fashion and luxury goods is enough to set anybody’s pulse racing.

With each step through these sprawling retail complexes, you're met with a delightful burst of choices. From coveted fashion labels to cutting-edge electronics and everything in between, the variety seems endless. It's an oasis for shoppers, where the desire for stylish finds and fantastic bargains collide.

Just like the Grand Canyon helicopter tour, another wonderful Las Vegas activity,  the journey to these outlet malls begins amid the glittering lights of the Strip. However, as you make your way to these shopping meccas, the glitz and glamour of the city gradually give way to the promise of incredible savings. It's a compelling contrast, and it's this very contrast that makes outlet shopping in Las Vegas such a captivating experience.

Furthermore, the incentive of shopping in Vegas extends beyond just the incredible discounts. Shopping in Vegas has an electrifying energy. This guided outlet shopping adventure blends the exhilaration of a treasure hunt for the best prices with the opulence of prestigious brands.

It's a shopping experience that promises not only fantastic finds but also an unforgettable journey through the heart of Sin City's retail wonderland.

Don’t hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Grand Canyon helicopter tour

Grand Canyon helicopter tour

Always wanted to embark on a remarkable Las Vegas adventure? The Grand Canyon helicopter tour takes you to the breathtaking Grand Canyon, a unique and unparalleled experience. The helicopter gracefully lifts off from the lively Strip, and as the radiant neon lights of the city diminish, the boundless expanse of the Mojave Desert stretches out, creating a stark contrast between the city's extravagance and the arid desert terrain.

At Origin Event Planning, we will gladly assist to make this a magical activity.

Cruising effortlessly above the Colorado River, you witness the magnificent meanders it has carved into the earth over millions of years. The landscape's rugged cliffs and deep crevices seem to defy logic, yet they stand as a testament to nature's unstoppable force.

As you approach the Grand Canyon itself, the sheer drop into its depths leaves you awestruck. The canyon's vastness and depth appear surreal, and the colours that burst forth from its layers are mesmerizing. The crimson rocks harmonize with the azure skies, creating a breathtaking canvas.

The pilot offers insightful commentary, unveiling the geological history that shaped this marvel. With every twist and turn of the chopper, new vistas unfold, each more bewildering than the last.

Descending into the canyon for a landing, you step onto the canyon floor, where you walk amidst towering cliffs, an experience that humbles you. It feels as though you've entered a different world, where time itself feels distorted.

Ultimately, this Grand Canyon helicopter tour in Las Vegas is a journey filled with contrasts and complexities, a whirlwind of emotions and sensations that leaves you utterly spellbound. It's a burst of nature's brilliance amidst the captivating beauty of the desert landscape, an experience you'll treasure forever. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance or to find out other activities in Las Vegas we can organise


Destination Services

Las Vegas destination management

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • hotel accommodation
  • luxury suites in iconic hotels and resorts
  • exclusive venues
  • world-class entertainment shows and performances
  • teambuilding activities
  • nightclub and party venue reservations
  • adventurous activities like indoor skydiving
  • conferences, meetings, incentives
  • private casino gaming experiences
  • professional photography and videography services
  • luxury transportation services with chauffeurs
  • gala dinners in selective settings
  • transport logistics
  • expert guides
  • VIP access to exclusive nightclubs and lounges
  • bookings in restaurants
  • culinary tours and tastings in renowned restaurants
  • excursions to nearby attractions like the Grand Canyon
  • supplying creative ideas for your events and incentives

    Groups and MICE to Las Vegas

Highlights Las Vegas

Fremont Street Experience
Immerse in vibrant energy at Fremont Street, downtown Vegas' heart. Enjoy dazzling light shows, live entertainment, casinos, and eclectic dining for an essential visit.

Lake Mead
Escape the city to serene Lake Mead, a desert oasis. Boat, fish, or relax by the shimmering reservoir amidst breathtaking desert landscapes.

Liberace Museum
Enter Liberace's glamorous world. Marvel at flamboyant costumes, dazzling jewelry, and magnificent pianos, enchanted by his timeless legacy.

Paris City Hall
Experience Parisian charm at Paris City Hall. Its replica Eiffel Tower, elegant architecture, and sidewalk cafes transport you to a romantic European ambiance.

Red Rock Canyon
Explore captivating Red Rock Canyon. Hike scenic trails, marvel at crimson cliffs, and revel in the serenity of this natural escape near the Strip.

Stratosphere Tower
Reach new heights at Stratosphere Tower. Enjoy panoramic views, thrilling rides, and breathtaking sunsets, creating unforgettable memories.

World Series of Poker
Join the elite realm of professional poker at the World Series of Poker. Experience high-stakes competition, witness legends in action, and embrace the thrilling atmosphere of this prestigious tournament.

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