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DMC Namibia

Our DMC in Namibia is Abenteuer Afrika Safari. Join us in Namibia - Abenteuer Afrika Safari is a top DMC and organises events, activities, incentives and leisure travel in Namibia.

FITs, Groups and MICE to Namibia

DMC Namibia

Namibia - extraordinary experiences

The famous Namib Desert, majestic Fish River Canyon and many more highlights are just waiting to be discovered. Where the sea runs into the sea, creating stunning vistas, Namibia is the place to create truly unforgettable experiences.

At Abenteuer Afrika Safari we create programs that will allow your clients to immerse themselves in the unexploited sensations of dreamy Namibia.

Bestselling itinerary Namibia

Open Air Desert Dinner

Arriving at the desert dinner in the dark of night, the group is greeted by the sound of African drums echoing from the canyon walls and a visual extravaganza of flaming spirals to get you carried away in a magical fire dance.

Creating an amazing contrast with the blackness of the uninterrupted skies, tables are draped in linen, subtle lighting, a myriad of candles reflecting in and off the canyon walls, background music by a Marimba Band, all this and more creating an unforgettable evening.

After dinner the relaxed atmosphere will be further enhanced by small talk around a crackling fire. The participants will have a possibility to engage in the mystical spirit of the night, while listening to tales of the past and wondering about the miracles of life.

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Destination Services

Destination Services Namibia

Our Destination services in Namibia

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • Safari lodges nestled in the heart of Namibia's breathtaking landscapes.
  • Guided wildlife safaris through iconic national parks like Etosha and Namib-Naukluft.
  • Adventure activities like sandboarding on the iconic dunes of Sossusvlei.
  • Exclusive access to remote desert oases and nomadic tribal communities.
  • Stargazing experiences in some of the world's clearest and most unpolluted night skies.
  • Luxurious campsites in the midst of the Namibian wilderness.
  • Tailored 4x4 desert expeditions to explore hidden treasures off the beaten path.
  • Private fly-in safaris for panoramic views of the diverse terrains.
  • Bush dinners under the starlit African sky with traditional music and dance.
  • Close encounters with rare desert-adapted wildlife species.
  • Cultural exchanges with indigenous communities to learn about their way of life.
  • Hot air balloon rides over the stunning landscapes, providing a unique perspective.
  • Photography tours to capture the captivating essence of Namibia's landscapes.
  • Visits to ancient rock engravings and archaeological sites.
  • Scenic flights over the mesmerizing Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world.
  • Walking safaris with experienced trackers to uncover the intricacies of the ecosystem.
  • Wellness retreats integrating the healing powers of the desert environment.
  • Nomadic camping experiences with expert guides, embracing traditional nomadism.
  • Exploration of the eerie and captivating Kolmanskop ghost town.
  • Quad biking adventures through the mesmerizing desert terrain.

    FITs, Groups and MICE to Namibia

Highlights Namibia

Bwabwata National Park
Embark on a thrilling safari adventure in Bwabwata National Park, where the lush wetlands and riverine forests teem with wildlife, offering glimpses of majestic elephants, graceful antelopes, and a symphony of birdlife in their natural habitat.

Etosha National Park
Enter a realm of raw wilderness in Etosha National Park, where vast salt pans stretch into the horizon, and waterholes become theatres of wildlife interactions, allowing you to witness the beauty and grace of Namibia's diverse animal kingdom.

Discover the coastal charm of Lüderitz, where pastel-colored colonial buildings line the streets, and the rugged Atlantic coastline invites you to explore its secrets, including the hauntingly beautiful ghost town of Kolmanskop.

Skeleton Coast
Experience the ethereal beauty of the Skeleton Coast, where vast stretches of desert meet the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, creating a landscape of haunting solitude and offering a glimpse into the power of nature's raw elements.

Map Namibia

Abenteuer Afrika Safari DMC Namibia

Abenteuer Afrika Safari
DMC Namibia

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Abenteuer Afrika does it again!
Gill Dewar  · 6 years ago
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"I just wanted to extend our gratitude to you and your team, for what ended up being a really memorable and fantastic weekend.
Despite the obstacles, everyone really did pull together to ensure that we had the best possible event under the pressure that was applied.
Thank you to everyone for the enormous amount of energy and care that was put into our event. We really do appreciate everything! The customers have only been complimentary and thankful for the event.
It really has been a pleasure working with you Carlien, and look forward to working together again soon."
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