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DMC Poland

Our DMC in Poland is Intercrac. Join us in Poland - Intercrac is a top DMC and organises events, activities, incentives and leisure travel in Poland.

FITs, Groups and MICE to Poland

DMC Poland

Poland - the country of traditions

Welcome to Intercrac DMC, your premier destination management company in Poland! We are delighted to offer exceptional services tailored to your clients' desires, making their visit to Poland an unforgettable experience.
Our dedicated team at Intercrac DMC Poland will take care of every detail, ensuring your clients discover the hidden gems and iconic landmarks that define this beautiful nation. They will get to explore the stunning Carpathian Mountains, delve into the captivating tales of Polish folklore, and savor the mouthwatering flavors of traditional pierogi and kielbasa.

Bestselling itinerary Poland

Discover the Treasures of Poland: A 6-Day Journey of Culture and Tradition

Day 1: As our guests arrive in Poland, they will receive a warm and gracious welcome, accompanied by seamless assistance to a distinguished hotel located in the heart of Krakow, a city renowned for its captivating architecture and intriguing history. After completing the check-in process, they can luxuriate and take time to rejuvenate or embark on a delightful exploration of the enchanting streets and vibrant ambiance.

Day 2-3: These days are dedicated to business endeavors, with your clients attending their conference or meetings in well-equipped and professional venues. During their free time, they can venture into the city to discover Krakow's vibrant atmosphere, with recommendations to explore the bustling Main Market Square and visit the historic Cloth Hall, a hub of local craftsmanship.

Day 4: A journey to the UNESCO-listed Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum awaits your clients, where they can pay their respects to the past and gain a deeper understanding of the world's history. In the afternoon, they can partake in a fascinating tour of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, marveling at the astonishing underground chambers and intricate salt sculptures.

Day 5: Bid farewell to Krakow and head to the charming city of Wroclaw, renowned for its captivating architecture and charming bridges. Your clients can explore the picturesque Old Town, visit the iconic Centennial Hall, and witness the beauty of the Wroclaw Cathedral.

Day 6: Conclude this remarkable journey with a visit to the stunning Malbork Castle, the largest brick castle in the world, steeped in Teutonic Knights' history. Afterward, your clients will be transferred to the airport for their departure, cherishing the memories of an unforgettable exploration of Poland.

Poland's rich tapestry of culture, heritage, and natural beauty offers an unparalleled experience for both business and leisure travelers. Intercrac DMC Poland ensures that your clients will have a productive and awe-inspiring stay, immersing themselves in the allure of this incredible European gem.

Activities & latest news in Poland

Brussels Airport Announces 9 New Destinations and 6 new Airlines with 178 destinations on offer

Brussels Airport Announces 9 New Destinations and 6 new Airlines with 178 destinations on offer  

While spring might be making a delayed appearance, the summer season at Brussels Airport is set to kick off as planned on March 31, boasting a refreshed lineup that includes classic sunny destinations alongside several new routes. This summer, a whopping 178 direct destinations will be accessible via 64 airlines. Brussels Airport is expanding its network with 8 new destinations across Europe and beyond, such as Singapore, Shanghai in China, Nairobi in Kenya, Bergen in Norway, Krakow in Poland, Bari in Italy, Bacău in Romania, Gazipaşa in Turkey, and Brive in France.

Travellers will once again enjoy a diverse range of options at Brussels Airport this summer, whether it's exploring outside of Europe, embarking on a European city break, enjoying a seaside family vacation, or visiting relatives abroad. With a total of 178 direct destinations served by 64 airlines, including six new partners, there's something for everyone this summer.

Important Info Brussels Airport:

  • Brussels Airport's summer season begins March 31 with 178 direct destinations via 64 airlines.
  • 8 new destinations added: Singapore, Shanghai, Nairobi, Bergen, Krakow, Bari, Bacău, Gazipaşa, Brive.
  • Six new airlines joining, including Singapore Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, and Hainan Airlines.
  • Brussels Airlines introduces Nairobi and Krakow routes; fleet expansion includes A330-300 and A320neo aircraft.
  • United Airlines adds second daily flight to Newark; Air Canada and Air Transat increase service to Toronto and Montreal.
  • Air Arabia expands Moroccan destinations to seven.
  • Long-haul network features 37 destinations: 6 in North America, 3 in Central America, 9 in Sub-Saharan Africa, 4 in Gulf region, 5 in Asia.

New Additions and Services:
This summer, six new airlines will be joining the Brussels Airport lineup. Singapore Airlines will start operating direct flights to Singapore from April 6, while Juneyao Airlines and Hainan Airlines will offer daily flights to Shanghai. Additionally, Cyprus Airways, Wideroe, Amelia, and Wizz Air will enhance the airport's network with new destinations.

Brussels Airlines is introducing two new destinations this summer: Nairobi and Krakow. With a fleet expansion, including a tenth A330-300 and three new A320neo aircraft, the airline will serve a total of 88 destinations, including 18 in Sub-Saharan Africa and 2 in North America. Transavia will also station a third aircraft at Brussels Airport this summer.

United Airlines is adding a second daily flight to Newark, increasing its U.S. offerings to four daily flights. Air Canada and Air Transat are reinforcing service to Canada with additional flights to Toronto and Montreal, respectively.

Air Arabia is broadening its Moroccan offerings with two new destinations, Tetouan and Rabat, bringing the total to seven destinations in Morocco.

Extensive Intercontinental Network:
Brussels Airport's long-haul network this summer will feature 37 destinations:

  • 6 in North America (New York, Newark, Chicago, Washington, Montreal, Toronto) served by various airlines,
  • 3 in Central America (Punta Cana, Cancun, Montego Bay) with TUI fly,
  • 9 in Sub-Saharan Africa, with Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, and Rwandair,
  • 4 in the Gulf region: Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah,
  • 5 in Asia: Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore.

With this robust summer offering, Brussels Airport continues to provide a comprehensive and appealing network both within Europe and beyond for all types of travellers!

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour -

Looking for a trip that's both historic and jaw-droppingly cool? Look no further than the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland – a place where underground wonders and centuries-old tales meet to create an unforgettable experience.

Picture this: you're descending into the depths of the Earth, stepping into a labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, and chapels – all carved out of salt. Yep, you heard that right, salt! This isn't your average salt shaker stuff; we're talking about an underground kingdom where even the chandeliers are made of salt crystals.

As you wander through the mine's eerie yet enchanting corridors, you'll stumble upon stunning salt sculptures depicting everything from mythical creatures to famous figures in Polish history. It's like walking through a museum, except you're 135 meters (about 443 feet) underground!

One of the highlights? The breathtaking Chapel of St. Kinga, a majestic underground cathedral adorned with intricate salt carvings. Legend has it that the chapel's chandeliers were crafted by miners who, after a hard day's work, would channel their creativity into sculpting these mesmerizing masterpieces.

But wait, there's more! Prepare to be amazed as you descend deeper into the mine and discover underground lakes, complete with crystal-clear waters that reflect the surreal beauty of the salt-encrusted walls. It's like stumbling upon a hidden oasis in the heart of the Earth.

Whether you're a history buff, an art enthusiast, or just someone with a sense of adventure, the Wieliczka Salt Mine has something for everyone. So why not spice up your travel itinerary with a visit to this underground marvel? Trust us, it's a journey you won't soon forget!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, lace up your boots, and get ready to embark on a fascinating journey through the depths of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

For more information contact Intercrac DMC.

Destination Services

Our Destination services in Poland

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • charming hotels in historic cities and countryside
  • team-building activities like escape room challenges
  • customized workshops in Polish arts and crafts like pottery and paper-cutting
  • shopping excursions to lively markets and artisan workshops
  • themed dining experiences, such as a pierogi-making class
  • traditional music and dance performances
  • adventurous activities like hot air balloon rides and river rafting
  • wellness retreats and spa treatments in tranquil settings
  • creative ideas for unique experiences, such as Polish folk dance workshops
  • personalized meet and greet services at airports
  • restaurant bookings for authentic Polish cuisine
  • domestic flights to explore different regions of Poland
  • knowledgeable local guides for city tours and cultural experiences

    FITs, Groups and MICE to Poland

Highlights Poland

Historic maritime city on Baltic coast. Colorful Old Town, Neptune Fountain, Solidarity Museum, and sea views at Long Market.

Masurian Lakes
Tranquil lake district with 2,000+ lakes. Sail, hike, and explore charming towns like Mikolajki and Gizycko year-round.

Tatra mountains
Majestic southern range. Hiking, vistas from Mount Giewont, thermal baths in Zakopane. Winter skiing and snowboarding.

Medieval city on Vistula River. Gothic architecture, Copernicus birthplace, famous gingerbread. Well-preserved Old Town, vibrant cultural events.

Historic-modern capital. Royal Castle, Wilanow Palace, Nowy Swiat street, Warsaw Uprising Museum. Lively nightlife, cafes, and markets.

Map Poland

Intercrac DMC

Intercrac DMC Poland

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31-123 Krakow

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