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The best DMCs in Africa

Top rated DMC in Africa

To organise the best events, top incentives, and leisure travel, you need the best DMCs in Africa. For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Our DMCs are * reliable * have local knowledge * covered by liability insurance * prepare transparent quotations * use top suppliers

The best DMC services in Africa

Why do you need African DMC services? To offer your client the best travel experiences it is very important to work with a Destination Management company who can help you make the most of your client's stay.

Our DMCs are the ultimate event planners in Africa and offering event management services that turn dreams into reality.

In Africa we use top DMCs. Just to share what they can do for you:

A top event by Abenteuer Afrika Safari in Namibia is mana from heaven. Here champagne is dropped in the desert during your event.

The magic of South Africa is brilliantly represented in events and leisure travel by Grosvenor Tours, who create high-end, tailor-made tours that reveal the true spirit of the continent. Top end events feature high on their list of achievents.

Then there's the unparalleled African event support services offered by Somak Safari in Kenya and Tanzania. They take pride in providing custom safari experiences. The roar of the lions, the trumpet of the elephants, and the stunning beauty of the African sunset feature heavily in their programs. With their own lodges, vehicles and camps they are your best partner for Kenya and Tanzania.

Another excellent DMC company, Cansaf, is a shining star in event production in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Beautiful events around Victoria Falls and the rest of the two countries, they create exciting teambuilding activities.

Global Travel Partners in Mauritius and Reunion is an event management company in Africa,  excels in the most creative ideas when it comes to these two islands. Aren’t you fed up with the same old, same old in Mauritius? Work with the experts to make your next stay on these islands truly memorable and different.

In Tunisia we work with Barclay’s Group Travel. They not only excel in revealing the lesser-known charms of the continent. Their other strength lies in offering programs centered around the unique culture, history, and heritage.

In Senegal, Mali, and Ghana we work with Continent Tours. In these countries you need to work with a reliable DMC who are experts in African event logistics. They orchestrate a wide range of experiences and excel in business travel.

In Morocco, MidFar is the most professional DMC company you can work with. They don't just create events; they craft comprehensive experiences that capture the essence of Morocco – from adrenaline-pumping desert experiences to exciting city programs in the beautiful cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez etc.

In Egypt, Excel Travel makes for a top professional partner both in leisure and MICE travel. Variying from , rich cultural experiences centered around the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids to archeological treasures, they bring you the best.

These top DMCs – Destination Management Company Cansaf, Abenteuer Afrika Safari, Barclay’s Group Travel, Grosvenor Tours, Continent Tours, Somak Safaris, Global Travel Partners, MidFar, and ExcelTravel not only offer destination solutions in Africa, but they also excel in African event coordination. They are the African event experts who make every journey memorable.

Their services go beyond typical event planning in Africa. They offer a meticulous event operations in Africa that ensures every aspect of the travel experience is taken care of - from logistics and coordination to execution. Each journey crafted by these professionals is an ode to Africa's spirit, beauty, and diversity, capturing the very essence of the continent.