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Events worldwide

All of our Body and Soul DMCs specialise in assisting with events.  

Events worldwide - the best DMCs

Events worldwide

Below you will find a selection of events. We will keep adding more. If you see we missed some, please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our DMC's are happy to assist you.

Events in 2024

Events in 2025

Events in 2026

DMC assistance for Events worldwide

Many of our DMCs excel at assisting with events. They have the right supplier relationships with hotels, transport companies, venues, guides etc. . Our DMCs will make sure that your guests will be delighted with their incentive or event.

If you are planning an event where you need an experienced partner, then you have arrived at the right page. Many of our DMCs excel at assisting clients to create unforgettable experiences. We offer tailored programs to assist.

Transportation logistics * Venue selection * Private tours  * Luxury accommodation* Gourmet dinners and or catering * Guides * Tickets to performances * Restaurants

Events worldwide

Planning a successful event for you and your clients is not a mean feat! It quite often means it is hard to find the right accommodation, the transport you need and the assistance required to coordinate this event and make it a big success.

With the help of one of our DMCs, you can rest easier. They assist with the planning process and will turn the stressful enterprise into a roaring success.

Tailored Solutions for Events:

Our DMCs can assist with all aspects of your next event

Venue Selection and Logistics:

Finding the perfect venue is essential for the success of any event. Here gala dinners can be held, parties to celebrate and strenghten your clients' team or some fabulous team building.

We will find the perfect setting for your events.

Transportation and Accommodation:

Managing transportation and accommodation logistics is crucial during your event. Transportation ranges from airport transfers, shuttle services, and group transportation.

With regards to accommodation, our DMCs can help with the best hotels for  participants, teams, and VIP guests.

From audiovisual equipment and signage to staffing and on-site support, our DMC will handle all aspects of event production.