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DMC Panama

Our DMC in Panama is Panama Journeys. Join us in Panama - Panama Journeys is a top DMC and organises events, activities, incentives and leisure travel in Panama.

FITs, Groups and MICE to Panama

DMC Panama

Panama - bridging continents

Welcome to Panama, where adventure and discovery await at every turn! At Panama Journeys DMC, we're thrilled to be your expert guides to this captivating Central American gem. With its rich tapestry of biodiversity, from the lush rainforests to the sparkling coastlines, your clients are in for an unforgettable experience.

Imagine your clients exploring the engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal, marveling at the exotic wildlife in the dense jungles, and strolling through the charming streets of Casco Viejo, our historic district. From the vibrant local markets to the tranquil beaches, Panama offers a seamless blend of old-world charm and modern allure.

Bestselling itinerary Panama

Exploring Panama's Wonders: A 7-Day Journey of Discovery

Delight in introducing your clients to the captivating beauty of Panama with our exceptional 7-day itinerary. This carefully curated journey seamlessly blends cultural exploration and awe-inspiring natural landscapes, creating an unforgettable experience for your discerning travelers.

Day 1: Arrival in Panama City
Upon arrival at Tocumen International Airport, your clients will be warmly welcomed and transferred to the luxurious Bristol Panama hotel. This elegant haven offers a blend of comfort and sophistication, ensuring a delightful start to their journey.

Day 2-3: Panama City Unveiled
The adventure kicks off with a private city tour of Panama's historic and modern marvels. Your clients will explore the Panama Canal Miraflores Locks, marveling at the engineering prowess behind this global treasure. The tour continues to the Casco Antiguo district, where colonial charm meets vibrant culture. A delectable dinner at a local eatery provides an authentic taste of Panamanian cuisine.

Day 4-5: Bocas del Toro Escapade
A scenic flight transports your clients to the coastal paradise of Bocas del Toro. Their days here are characterized by pristine beaches, azure waters, and abundant marine life. A boat excursion to the surrounding islands unveils breathtaking coral reefs, while an encounter with indigenous communities adds cultural depth to the experience.

Day 6-7: Pacific Coast Tranquility
The journey concludes with a transfer to the Pacific coast's serene beauty. Your clients will bask in the luxury of the Buenaventura Resort, indulging in spa treatments and private beachfront relaxation. A farewell dinner highlights Panama's culinary excellence while offering a chance to reflect on their remarkable journey.

From the bustling capital to tranquil coastal retreats, this itinerary showcases Panama's diverse offerings. Your clients will uncover the treasures of the Panama Canal, engage with indigenous cultures, and revel in the country's natural wonders.

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Private City Tour Adventure in Panama

Private City Tour Adventure in Panama - 

If you're seeking a blend of history, engineering marvels, and mouthwatering cuisine, Panama has got you covered. Panama Journeys is thrilled to present an exclusive city tour that promises an unforgettable journey through Panama's past and present.

Discovering the Panama Canal Miraflores Locks

Your adventure kicks off with a visit to one of the world's most awe-inspiring engineering wonders – the Panama Canal Miraflores Locks. Here, your clients will witness firsthand the incredible engineering feats that have made the canal a global treasure. Watch in awe as massive ships navigate through the locks, experiencing the intricate process that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It's a sight that never fails to impress and a testament to human ingenuity!

Exploring the Charm of Casco Antiguo

From the modern marvel of the Panama Canal, the tour then whisks you away to the enchanting Casco Antiguo district. Here, colonial architecture meets vibrant culture, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere. Stroll through cobblestone streets lined with beautifully restored buildings, each telling a story of Panama's rich history. Explore quaint plazas, colourful murals, and charming cafes, soaking up the cultural richness of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Savouring Authentic Panamanian Cuisine

No trip to Panama is complete without indulging in its mouthwatering cuisine. Your clients will enjoy a delectable dinner at a local eatery, providing a genuine taste of Panamanian flavours. From traditional dishes bursting with local ingredients to contemporary twists on classic recipes, the meal offers a culinary journey that reflects the country's diverse influences and vibrant culinary scene.

Why Choose Panama Journeys for Your City Tour?

Panama Journeys are passionate about showcasing the best of Panama. This private city tour adventure in Panama is meticulously designed to offer an enriching and personalised experience. We understand that every traveller is unique, so we tailor the tour to cater to your clients' interests and preferences, ensuring they get the most out of their time in Panama.

Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will accompany your clients throughout the tour, sharing fascinating insights, stories, and insider tips about Panama's history, culture, and traditions. We believe in creating memorable experiences that go beyond sightseeing, allowing your clients to truly connect with Panama and its people.

So, whether your clients are history buffs, engineering enthusiasts, or foodies looking to explore new culinary delights, this private city tour offers something for everyone. It's a perfect introduction to Panama's diverse offerings and a fantastic way to start your Panamanian adventure.

Ready to give your clients an unforgettable experience in Panama?

Contact Panama Journeys today to arrange this exciting city tour and let us help you create lasting memories for your clients in this beautiful and vibrant country!

Destination Services

Our Destination services in Panama

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • Tropical accommodations nestled amidst Panama's lush rainforests and pristine beaches.
  • Ecotourism adventures like guided hikes in the Boquete Highlands or wildlife watching in Soberanía National Park.
  • State-of-the-art conference centers and venues, seamlessly blending modern amenities with natural surroundings.
  • Exquisite gala dinners held in colonial-era buildings within the historic Casco Viejo district.
  • Efficient and comfortable transportation services, including boat tours through the iconic Panama Canal.
  • Local guides with in-depth knowledge of Panama's diverse cultures, leading immersive tours of indigenous communities and bustling markets.
  • Domestic flights for convenient access to different regions of Panama, from the San Blas Islands to the Bocas del Toro archipelago.
  • Unique experiences such as a night in a traditional Emberá village, complete with storytelling and traditional dances.
  • Cultural performances showcasing Panama's vibrant music, including lively salsa and traditional folk tunes.
  • Wellness retreats combining yoga sessions with rejuvenating spa treatments inspired by indigenous healing traditions.
  • Thrilling activities like zip-lining through cloud forests or snorkeling in the clear waters of the Gulf of Chiriquí.
  • Guided city tours highlighting Panama City's modern skyline, alongside visits to historic sites like Panama Viejo.
  • Art-focused tours taking visitors to contemporary galleries and museums, as well as indigenous art cooperatives.
  • Workshops led by skilled artisans, offering hands-on experiences in crafting traditional Panamanian textiles and intricate "tagua" carvings.
  • Exploration of iconic attractions like the Pearl Islands' white-sand beaches or the charming town of El Valle de Antón.
  • Culinary tours introducing travelers to Panama's fusion of flavors, including seafood ceviche and hearty "sancocho" stew.

    FITs, Groups and MICE to Panama

Highlights Panama

Nestled in Panama's highlands, Boquete offers cool breezes, coffee-scented air, and misty mountain vistas.

Panama City
A vibrant fusion of modern skyscrapers and colonial charm, Panama City entices with its cosmopolitan energy.

Coclé, Veraguas, Azuero
Explore Panama's heart, where rich traditions blend with stunning landscapes and vibrant communities thrive.

Bocas del Toro
Embrace island life in Bocas del Toro, where azure waters and lush jungles create an enchanting paradise.

Venture into the wild allure of Darien, a realm of untamed rainforests and indigenous culture.

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