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DMC Belgium

Our DMC in Belgium is Blue Chocolate. Join us in Belgium - Blue Chocolate is a top DMC and organises events, activities, incentives in Belgium.

Groups and MICE to Belgium

DMC Belgium

Belgium - embracing the medieval splendor

Welcome to Blue Chocolate DMC Belgium, your premier destination management company for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Europe!

In Belgium, a country known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and mouthwatering chocolate, your clients are in for a treat. From the picturesque medieval cities to the charming countryside, Belgium offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern delights. With Blue Chocolate DMC Belgium, your clients will have the opportunity to explore the cobblestone streets of Bruges, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where they can marvel at the stunning architecture and take a boat ride along the scenic canals.

Bestselling itinerary Belgium

A Delightful 3-Day Itinerary by Blue Chocolate DMC Belgium

Welcome to Waffles, Chocolates and Picturesque landscapes land! Blue Chocolate DMC Belgium presents an enchanting 5-day itinerary that will captivate your clients as they explore the hidden gems of this charming European country.

Day 1: Within the first day, we will go for a full day excursion to Bruges which is also called “Venice of the North”. Clients will walk through medieval cobblestone streets, romantic canals and visit Markt Square. In a local chocolatier they can have delightful chocolate tasting experience to savor for their lives with exquisite flavors well known from Belgium.

Day 2: Antwerp is just around the corner from Brussels; it is where diamonds are found. Clients will see historical city center places as they visit Our Lady’s Cathedral that holds Rubens’ masterpieces. Antwerp Diamond District- here one can learn more about diamond trade in the world containing lots of beautiful handiwork- Belgium is very famous for its diamonds like no other place on earth.

Day 3: On their last day, clients may opt to spend time leisurely in Brussels. One may immerse himself / herself in deep history and cultural heritage by visiting wonderful Atomium, historic Grand Place and well-known Manneken Pis statue. And then finally before concluding their Belgian adventure on a high note they should not fail to have traditional Belgian cuisine that is found at a reputable local restaurant among other things.

In order for your customers to take a memorable journey through this interesting country’s covert treasures Blue Chocolate DMC Belgium guarantees it. From medieval charm of Bruges’ streets through Ghent and up until Antwerp’s cultural heritage, Belgium offers an unforgettable taste filled with delicious food and stunning views

Activities & latest news in Belgium

86 Countries can Visit the UK Visa Free

86 Countries can Visit the UK Visa Free!

Great news—citizens from 86 countries can now visit the UK without a visa, making it easier than ever to explore the wonders of this incredible nation. Travel to the UK has never been so easy!

Imagine upon arriving in the UK you will not have to deal with visa documentation. If you are going on a vacation, business meeting or any other important event, then easy entry points would make it more convenient for you during your journey. This opens up the opportunity to fully enjoy British cultural heritage, historical sights and city lights.

The range of tourist attractions in Britain is enormous and covers ancient as well as modern time periods. For example, there is Stonehenge and the Tower of London which are filled with tales from English history or there is the London Eye which stretches high above everything else or even Manchester’s busy streets. In other words, something for every kind of traveller whether visiting for a second time or for the first time ever. The visa-free policy is a boon for tourism, inviting more visitors to experience these wonders firsthand.

There is also another benefit for business travellers and conference delegates too. The United Kingdom hosts several world conferences annually as well as various events.Easy entry means you can focus on your professional goals without the stress of visa logistics. So how about mingling with fellow professionals from across the globe within an ever-changing environment; sounds good?

86 Countries can Visit the UK Visa Free

As a result, UK economy gains significant benefits through the increased numbers of visitors coming into the country. In 2023 alone Britain welcomed 38 million visitors spending £31.1 billion which was a record set since its inception. This trend stimulates growth in different sectors like hotel industry, retail trade among others. So, it is not just an interesting journey, but also assistance to a prosperous society in the UK.

This is a must for all sports fans! In 2028 the United Kingdom and Ireland will jointly host UEFA European Football Championship. This major event will attract sports fanatics from every corner of the world who want to see such cities as Cardiff and Glasgow among others. It promises to be a great celebration again enhancing the UK’s attractiveness. So 86 Countries can Visit the UK Visa-Free is just fabulous news for all sports fans. 

Let's not forget the easy access through major airports like London Heathrow and London Gatwick, which handled millions of passengers in 2023. The visa-free policy ensures these numbers keep climbing, fueling the travel and tourism industry.

Some of the Countries that can travel Visa-free to the UK:

Iceland, Norway, Croati, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Botswana, Spain, Belgium, New Zealand, Estonia, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, Panama, Slovenia, Mexico, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Greece, Luxembourg, Maldives, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Australia, Chile, France, South Korea , Cyprus, The Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, Italy, Malaysia, Austria, Malta, Singapore, Argentina, Israel, Germany, Namibia, United States, Romania, Finland.

Visit and check the complete list of eligible countries!

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Brussels Airlines Launches New Route to Nairobi

Brussels Airlines Launches New Route to Nairobi

Brussels Airlines has officially launched its flights to Nairobi, the vibrant capital city of Kenya! The first flight (SN 481) took off on June 3, 2024 from Brussels Airport and landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. With five weekly flights, this new route is expected to increase tourism and trade between Belgium and Kenya.

Here you can find the flight schedule of Brussels Airlines.

The Kenyan Tourism Board (KTB) is excited about the positive impact that this move will have on tourism in Kenya. In Nairobi alone, European tourists already account for 29% of all arrivals with a total number estimated at 572,352 visitors per annum.

June Chepkemei, CEO of Kenyan Tourism Board said; “We need connectivity to bring people into our country as tourists hence we are looking forward to working with Brussels Airlines towards this goal.”

Brussels Airlines Launches New Route To Nairobi

As an Africa specialist within Lufthansa Group, Brussels Airlines currently serves a total of 18 destinations across Sub-Saharan Africa. Since the start of ticket sales alone over 50 thousand tickets have been sold from Nairobi showing how much demand there is for this new connection even before the inaugural flight takes place.

Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO of Brussels Airline expressed her delight saying "We see many Belgians that want to discover Kenya. Our first flights to Nairobi are fully booked. We offer many connections from Europe via BRU (Nairobi), which gives more opportunities for Kenyans to study abroad or travel around."

To mark this special occasion an event was held at Brussels Airport just before take-off attended by Dorothea von Boxberg (CEO Brussels Airline), Arnaud Feist (CEO Brussels Airport) and Peter Maddens (Belgian Ambassador) among others. This new link promises exciting times ahead not only for travellers from both regions but also in terms of strengthening ties between Belgium and Kenya.

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Destination Services

Our Destination services in Belgium

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • Top of the range hotels in Belgian ancient cities,
  • Corporate activities are among them chocolate workshops.
  • Best conferencing facilities and meeting space
  • Imagine dinner in a medieval castle.
  • There is also reliable transport services.
  • This involves having the assistance of locals who can show you around.
  • You may also take local flights to different areas within Belgium.
  • Here are some restaurants where Belgian cuisine is served; mussels and waffles available.
  • We can organize unique experiences such as tasting beer in different breweries or going on beer tours.
  • The wellness trips include spa therapies influenced by Belgian traditions
  • There are outdoor fun activities such as riding through beautiful country sides on bicycles
  • Educational visits to national collections, museums with overviews of art history of Belgium
  • Famous comic strips and street arts done by Belgian artists.

Groups and MICE to Belgium

Highlights Belgium

Discover animated Antwerp, Belgium. Visit the legendary Cathedral, be amazed by Antwerp Central Station and enjoy shopping as well as Belgian chocolates.

Get acquainted with historic Bruges, a fairytale-like medieval city. Go on a canal boat ride, marvel at the medieval architecture and indulge in waffles and beer.

Feel Brussels, Belgium’s capital. Discover the Grand Place, see the Atomium and taste the Belgian fries, chocolate or beer.

Be absorbed in lively Ghent. Pay a visit to Saint Bavo's Cathedral, explore Gravensteen Castle and go by Canal Boat.

Find out more about hidden treasure of Mechelen- historical town located between Antwerp and Brussels. Walk through its medieval center and pay a visit to Saint Rumbold's Cathedral.

Enjoy Namur’s beauty – capital of Wallonia - Admire The Citadel , wander through old town , feel casual ambiance.

Map Belgium

Blue Chocolate DMC Belgium

Blue Chocolate DMC Belgium


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