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DMC Botswana

Our DMC in Botswana is Cansaf. Join us in Botswana  - Cansaf is a top DMC and organises events, activities, incentives and leisure travel in Botswana.

FITs, Groups and MICE to Botswana

DMC Botswana

Botswana - roaming the wild

Welcome to the enchanting world of Botswana, brought to you by Cansaf DMC. As your dedicated destination management company, we are thrilled to showcase the wonders of this extraordinary African gem to your clients.

In partnership with Cansaf DMC Botswana, your clients will embark on a journey through vast savannas where the rhythm of the wild pulses in harmony with nature. From the pristine waterways of the Okavango Delta, where graceful elephants roam freely, to the iconic Chobe National Park, where lions reign as kings of the plains, every moment promises an unforgettable adventure.

Bestselling itinerary DMC Botswana

Botswana Odyssey - a captivating 8-day itinerary

This provides an opportunity for you to explore the heart of Africa through our captivating 8-day itinerary which is specially designed to give a unique experience to your clients in wonderful landscapes and wildlife in Botswana.

Day 1: After landing at Maun, the gateway to Okavango Delta, where they will be warmly received and driven away by Belmond Eagle Island Lodge. Nestled in a green environment it offers luxury mixed with nature.

Day 2-3: Commence this adventure with exciting exploration of Okavango Delta’s waterways using Mokoros which are traditional canoes. This allows customers to see different animals and green landscape from very close distances. Game drives are also conducted at Moremi Game Reserve which has all the Big Five as well some other amazing species. In such clear nights, they can comfortably look at stars within their range.

Day 4-5: Your clients will visit Chobe National Park famous for its vast herds of elephants. Chobe Game Lodge awaits them with elegant accommodation facing the Chobe River. During these times one may take cruises having in mind that elephants are seen very clearly together with hippos as well as many kinds of birds. A cultural experience gets clients another point view from the local community.

Day 6-7: The road continues into Savute region’s iconic place where clients will be amazed by wildlife viewing activity around Savute Safari Lodge. From game drives tourists learn about predators and rare species of African bush; while optional nature walks increase contact to surroundings.

Day 8: The last day of this expedition includes a final game drive before enjoying a relaxed morning meal by visitors marking an end of their trip in Botswana’s gorgeous unspoiled scenery and wildness they had witnessed here before departing to Maun Airport

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Destination Services


Our Destination services in Botswana

We are there for you in everything to ensure the success of your program:

Luxurious safari lodges at Botswana’s wild heart.

Guided wildlife safaris at well-known national reserves like Chobe and Moremi.

Mokoro (traditional canoe) trips on the calm Okavango Delta.

Cocktails during sunset over Savuti Channel, a sight to behold.

Bush dinners beneath the starry African skies.

Professional trackers for exciting encounters with Big Five and rare species.

Private air charter services that link remote areas effortlessly.

Experiencing culture with aboriginal San tribes, thus knowing their ancient ways.

Vibrant cultural expression through traditional dance performances by Batswana people.

Photographic safaris piloted by seasoned wildlife cameramen.


FITs, Groups and MICE to Botswana

Highlights DMC Botswana

Chobe National Park
Welcome to Chobe National Park, where the mighty elephants roam freely, lions embrace the golden savannah, and the rhythmic chorus of wildlife fills the air with untamed excitement.

Kalahari Desert
Embark on an extraordinary journey to the Kalahari Desert, where the vastness of golden dunes meets the endless sky, and the whispers of ancient tales are carried by the wind.

​Makgadikgadi National Park
Step into the enchanting Makgadikgadi National Park, where salt pans stretch like shimmering mirrors, flamingos dance in harmony, and the silence speaks volumes in its ethereal beauty.

Discover the gateway to the wild wonders of Botswana in Maun, a vibrant and bustling town where the spirit of adventure takes flight, and every corner holds the promise of captivating stories waiting to unfold.

Okavango Delta
Immerse yourself in the mystical realm of the Okavango Delta, where meandering channels lead to secret lagoons, lush islands are adorned with a tapestry of wildlife, and the magic of this watery oasis captivates your soul with each glistening ripple.

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