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Sustainability by The Shackman Group

Our Commitment

Our View On Social Responsibility AND GREEN INITIATIVE

We think it is important to go beyond the basics of ethical business practices and embrace our responsibility to people and to the environment. Specifically, Shackman Associates:

 Adheres to high standards of business practice – The core philosophies that the company is founded on are enacted on a daily basis, with our team members acting with integrity, abiding by the highest ethical standards.

Practices environmentally sustainable methods of operation – Shackman Associates works to conserve energy and reduce waste, with a view to operating “green” programs that promote sustainability and support environmental conservation. We assert these high standards and “green initiatives” for ourselves, our clients and our venues.  We have worked with clients to map the “carbon footprint” that our programs create and explored ways to offset the negative effects this may have on the environment.

 Is committed to community awareness – We work with our client and partners to create programs that give back to the community.  From teambuilding “cleanup” programs in New York’s public parks to donating musical instruments to New York public schools, to name a few, Shackman Associates emphasizes the importance of community activism to our clients.


dmc new york sustainable acitivity
    1. Encourage our clients and meeting to join the IAPCO Plastic Pledge and set-up their actions.

    2. Encourage clients to donate any office supplies they have left over after meetings to local education centers such as kindergartens and schools.

    3. Involve our clients in a park clean-up campaign where they gather and recycle items lefts in the parks

    4. Wherever possible donate left-over foods and florals from events to targetted organizations to distribute to the needy, and to hospitals

    5. Introducing clients to local communities to educate the children in kindergarten and lower schools the power of “going green” and how to bring green awareness to their families

    6. A team activity where clients fill bags with nutritious foods to donate to the hungry while learning more about hunger in America

    7. Working with the choir at an inner city school, and learning to sing with them.  Then donating funds to the school


St. Judes Children Hospital by assisting with their annual fund-raisers

New York Cares - -volunteeering with a variety of social and community issues.  Their website is

Montefiore Children’s Hospital

Montefiore Einstein Hospital