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DMC Bucharest

Our DMC in Bucharest is DZK Travel. Join us in Bucharest - DZK Travel  is a top DMC and organises events, activities and incentives travel in Bucharest .

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DMC Bucharest

Bucharest - exploring Dracula's legacy

At DZK Travel DMC Bucharest, we pride ourselves on showcasing Romania's rich cultural heritage. Your clients will have the opportunity to explore the charming capital city of Bucharest, where the elegance of the Belle Époque era meets modern vibrancy. They can wander the cobblestone streets of Brasov, a gateway to Dracula's legend, or discover the painted monasteries of Bucovina, adorned with intricate frescoes.
Let us guide your clients through the hidden gems of Bucharest, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with a thriving contemporary culture.

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Bucharest - a guided journey through the city of stories

Explore Bucharest, a mesmerizing metropolis nestled in the heart of Romania. Delight your guests with an immersive voyage through history, where they can unravel the captivating tapestry of architectural marvels and unravel the profound historical significance of this remarkable destination.

Day 1:
Your guests will receive a warm welcome at the airport and enjoy a panoramic tour along the scenic Calea Victoriei before being taken to their hotel. In the afternoon, the guests will explore the Old Town and participate in an exhilarating photography treasure hunt. They will also have the opportunity to indulge in a tasting session featuring local wines and products. For the evening, your guests will savor a traditional dinner at the renowned restaurant Cara cu Bere, complete with lively folklore performances.

Day 2:
In the morning, the guests will delve into Bucharest's communist history, visiting the historic headquarters of the Soviet party and the impressive People's Palace. They will have the chance to learn about Romania's communist past. Lunch will be a delightful experience at the centrally located restaurant "Le Bistrot de l'Athénée," which offers a wide range of Romanian specialties. During the afternoon, the guests will visit the Arc of Triumph and the George Enescu Museum, dedicated to the famous Romanian composer. They will also have the opportunity to see the Romanian Athénée and the Museum of Arts. As evening falls, a grand gala dinner awaits your guests at the Royal Palace, featuring an opera recital and a cocktail reception.

Day 3:
Your guests will embark on an excursion to the lake of Snagov, sailing on the former yacht of the ex-dictator Ceausescu to reach the Monastery located on the island. A welcoming monk will share the intriguing story of Dracula. Lunch will be a delightful affair either on board the yacht or as a barbecue on the island. In the afternoon, arrangements will be made for the guests' transfer to the airport, concluding their unforgettable experience in Bucharest.

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Destination Services

Our Destination services in Bucharest

We assist with everything to make your program successful:

  • modern and stylish hotel accommodations
  • team-building activities in historic landmarks or city parks
  • gala dinners in unique venues like castles or rooftop terraces
  • reliable transportation services for seamless travel arrangements
  • knowledgeable local guides for city tours and cultural experiences
  • domestic flights for convenient travel within Romania
  • creative ideas for immersive experiences, such as wine tastings at local vineyards
  • cultural performances showcasing Romanian traditions and folklore
  • wellness activities like spa retreats and yoga sessions
  • adventurous activities like escape rooms and urban scavenger hunts
  • city tours highlighting Bucharest's architectural landmarks and history
  • themed workshops in traditional crafts like pottery or traditional folk dance
  • special access to exclusive events or festivals happening in Bucharest

    Groups and MICE to Bucharest 

Highlights Bucharest

Arch of Triumph
Marvel at Bucharest's iconic Arch of Triumph, built in 1922 to commemorate Romania's participation in World War I.

House of the Free Press
Explore Bucharest's monumental House of the Free Press, a striking testament to Romania's communist past.

Revolution Square
Visit Bucharest's historic Revolution Square, significant for the 1989 Romanian Revolution and surrounded by notable landmarks.

Village Museum
Immerse yourself in Romanian folklore at Bucharest's open-air Village Museum, showcasing traditional rural architecture and customs.

The Old Town
Experience Bucharest's charming Old Town, with its historic buildings, lively atmosphere, and vibrant nightlife.

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