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ODS Turkey and sustainability

Our Commitment

 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our philisophy is to promote and actively live sustainability. Each of our team mebers has the task to protect and enhance the environement. We all want to contribute to a better future for generations to come.

We have implemented a variety of eco-friendly and energy-saving measures and we gladly give back to the community and the environment. 

We care deeply for the environment and have undertaken responsible actions towards this  for many years. The company has developed a number  of innovative concepts, promoting awareness amongst suppliers, clients and staff. 

We integrate our green cocept into all levels of the business. 

We support NGOs in four fields: women, education, health and animals. Each year, a certain percentage of our profit is allocated to our selected causes. 


Great team activities

  • Carbon Footprint; Led light emitted diode is used for lightening in gala dinners or meetings etc. to reduce carbon footprints. Using Led light emitted diode consumes energy 80% less than incandescent lamp according to a research of IHS Markit.
  • Recycling; We placed different bins to separate the waste during especially meetings. Besides, we are using recyclable materials to reuse and reduce environmental pollution. In addition, we deliver the papers and office materials to a foundation for recycling in the office. The foundation is collecting and recycling them. At the same time, this process is one of the ways of the foundation to generates income.
  • Planting Trees; The Certificate prepared by TEMA is given to the attendees as a memorable gift with compliments of ODS Turkey. In addition, we as ODS Team have a tradition for birthdays. We send our suppliers a birthday card which represents that we have planted a tree on behalf of them. In these ways, we are trying to encourage people to contribute to the natural cycle. During the process, we cooperate with TEMA, the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion.
  • Supporting Women Empowerment; We prefer to work with the associations that support women empowerment for team building requests. During the program, the guests have an opportunity to do many activities such as handcrafts with the women. In addition, every employee of ODS Turkey is a member of SITE Turkey Chapter which supports women empowerment. I would like to state that Managing Director of ODS Turkey, Hasan Dinc, is in charge of the SITE Turkey as a president. Therefore, as ODS Turkey, we get involved personally and make an effort to raise awareness by organizing panel discussions.
  • Prevent wastage; After dinner or lunch, we collect leftovers which is durable and conserved to giveaways to the charities.


Other than our regular contributions to TEGV, Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, to support the basic education of children and to help them gain life skills for a brighter future.

Each year we evaluate and support a selection of Turkish local and regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Why? Because we feel the responsibility.

Our social responsibility funds are taken from our internal budgets and not invoiced to our customers. However, you always have a chance of contributing yourself should you find the cause worthy of support.

As our customer, you get to say which project you would ODS want to support, and we will divide our aid accordingly. 

Interested in getting more actively involved with Turkey’s NGOs? It is possible to include a visit to or even activity with our selected NGOs into your events.

TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats)

As a part of our sustainability program, we are proud to support TEMA. TEMA Foundation, founded on 11th September 1992, is Turkey's most extensive and leading environmental NGO. One of TEMA's objectives is promoting the protection of natural habitats and, ecosystem conservation of water resources and vegetative cover of the soil, sustainable use of agricultural lands and rangelands.

We are enthusiastic about making the Foundation an essential service in our proposals. We donate a sapling for each guest that we host in Turkey.

KEDV (Women's Labor Assessment Foundation)

As a part of our social responsibility program, we are pleased to cooperate with KEDV. KEDV, founded in 1986, is a civil society organization that aims to improve the economic situation of low-income women in Turkey and strengthen their leadership in local development.

We choose our gifts among their handicrafts for our guests during their visit to Turkey.