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ILTM Cannes 2024

ILTM Cannes 2024

ILTM Cannes 2024 - A Premier Event for the Luxury Travel Industry

ILTM Cannes will take place from December 2th to 5th, 2024. And what a treat to go to Cannes where this show takes place on a yearly basis.  For four days on end, ILTM Cannes focus on brands in luxury travel industry.

ILTM Cannes 2024 serves as an important platform for industry leaders who are following how luxury travel industry evolves or develop new strategies. This year’s event will see more than 1,500 exhibitors coming from various corners of the earth such as luxurious hotels, high-end travel agencies exclusive tour operators and other elite service providers among others. The companies will also display their latest offerings which include bespoke trip offers and state-of-the art travel techs.

The extensive programme of pre-scheduled appointments at ILTM Cannes is one of its highlights. Attendants have a chance for a face-to-face encounter with future partners thus enabling them to establish meaningful relationships that might lead to fruitful partnerships later on through life. Such customized approach ensures that each appointment made during this period becomes productive and relevant thereby maximizing the time’s value spent in the show.

ILTM Cannes 2024 also features a comprehensive conference programme aside from holding business meetings. Acclaimed speakers from different spheres of luxury tourism will discuss current trends, challenges and opportunities while suggesting insights into the luxury tourism industry. The most important topics include sustainable travelling; technology impact on luxury travelling; engaging modern travellers with luxury products among others. These sessions give practical knowledge which can be applied by attendants in their own businesses so that they remain ahead of competition.

Networking constitutes an essential part of ILTM Cannes 2024 hence various other activities are provided apart from formal meetings where participants can meet up. Starting from elegant evening receptions to casual coffee breaks there are numerous opportunities to create connections with colleagues and potential partners. Moreover, the city of Cannes offers a beautiful backdrop consisting of its fabulous coastline, luxurious hotels and vibrant nightlife.

Moreover, ILTM Cannes 2024 has several educational trips for those who wish to extend their knowledge. These short journeys enable attendees to experience some of the exceptional destinations and services provided by

exhibitors through firsthand experiences. Taking part in these tours will give participants a better understanding of what products they can offer their clients as well as enlightening them on how to develop personalized and memorable travel experiences.

However, ILTM Cannes 2024 is not all about commerce; it’s also an art form that exhibits luxury travel. In accordance with this event the industry leaders are awarded for their accomplishments through different awards. This way other players in the field are challenged to emulate those who have been recognized in terms of excellence in relation to innovation or customer care or sustainability amongst many other aspects.


As we look forward to ILTM Cannes 2024, it’s clear that this event will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of luxury travel. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to connect, learn, and grow, all while enjoying the unique charm and sophistication of Cannes.

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