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Top Activities Belgium and the latest news

Here you find an overview of all Top Activities Belgium and the latest destination news posted about Belgium

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Top Activities Belgium

Belgian Chocolate Tour

Belgian Chocolate Tour -

Bruges in Belgium, is a good place for you to have an experience of chocolates and why not take a day off to this “Venice of the North” which is filled with medieval atmosphere and delicious Belgian chocolates! Belgian chocolate is renowned worldwide for its quality, and Bruges is a paradise for people with sweet tooth. Can you imagine strolling through old streets where aromas of cocoa are everywhere, on chocolate tour that will arouse your senses?

Experience the hands-on workshops organized by experienced chocolatiers. From learning how to temper to making and decorating chocolates, these skilled chocolatiers will assist you as you make your own fabulous goodies.

Learn about the origin of cocoa in Belgium’s history by visiting famouschoconeries and museums that detail this country’s rich chocolate-making heritage as well as its cultural significance.

Experience new flavors with selected chocolate tastings. This means varied flavours ranging from different levels of cocoa content, pralines or truffles etc., like those famous Belgian specialties.

A Belgian Chocolate Tour in Bruges could be an ideal option for anyone interested in planning either an incentive trip, team building activity or simply organizing an out-of-the-ordinary corporate event.

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Blue Chocolate DMC Belgium

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Belgium is rich in cultural, culinary and architectural treasures. From the cobblestone streets of medieval Bruges to the buzzing squares of Brussels where history mingles with modernity – every traveler will find something.

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The most striking feature about Blue Chocolate is their determination to organize exhilarating and authentic expeditions. This entails immersing your clients in Belgium’s diverse arts scenes, touring through historical sites, and tasting some famous Belgian chocolates as well as waffles.

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Latest destination news Belgium

Travel Visa Free to Thailand for 93 Countries

Travel Visa Free to Thailand for 93 Countries - 

Thailand has introduced an extended visa-free entry system for citizens of 93 countries. From July 15, 2024, citizens of these countries may stay in the country without a visa for up to 60 days. This is more than twice as long as the previous policy which allowed stays of one month. It will promote tourism and foster international relations with many nations.

Key points on Travel Visa Free to Thailand for 93 Countries:
  • Extension of Stay: Instead of thirty days, it allows visitors from fifty-seven states to stay sixty days.
  • Additional Countries: Thirty-six new states were included in this program so that now it encompasses ninety-three countries altogether.
  • Boost To Tourism: The idea is if Thailand simplify travel rules and extend duration then people will come to visit.
Countries Eligible For This Benefit:

Here are the Countries falling under this policy:

Albania, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Mongolia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Benefits of the Policy:
  • Tourism and Economy: By giving visitors an additional month it is expected that more people will be able to explore different areas within Thailand thus spending money on local businesses hence boosting economy.
  • Cultural Exchange: Different people coming from various cultural backgrounds take time to understand each other better when they stay longer in one place such as Thailand.
  • Ease of Travel: Such hassle-free procedures allow travellers to plan trips abroad where they can spend extended periods in particular countries while still being able visit others within the same trip.

Implications & Expectations:

This move shows how much effort Thailand is putting towards improving its tourism industry as well as making more it accessible to international tourists. The extra month enables holiday makers not only to see all that this country has to offer but also do so at their own pace thereby appreciating every part of her ancient civilization; natural endowments like sandy beaches or snow-capped mountains; lively cities full of action around clock among many other things worth exploring during their stay.

There has never been a better time for travel lovers or adventurers looking to try something new than now, when you can enter Thailand with absolutely no problems. Plan your trip today and prepare for longer visa-free stays as you explore everything this amazing country has in store. Don’t wait – contact our DMC in Thailand to help plan the perfect trip!

New Namibian Visa Regulations

New Namibian Visa Regulations for Germans and Other Countries - 

New procedures for entering Namibia may be imposed on citizens of 31 countries, including Germany. The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration of Namibia stated that these nations’ tourists will have to apply for visas online before the trip, pay the fee prescribed, and have their visas processed upon arrival.

Namibia has introduced visa restrictions against countries not granted similar benefits in response to the country's friendly policy. "In recent years, Namibia has demonstrated good relations and openness towards many nations but some countries have not done so themselves," said an official statement.

Countries affected by the New Namibian Visa Regulations:

Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland,Italy, Japan,  Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Moldova,  Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,  Switzerland,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan.

Main Points of the New Namibian Visa Regulations:
  • Application via the Internet: Travellers from affected countries are supposed to apply for visas online before their voyage.
  • Processing on Arrival: Immediately upon arrival in Namibia, their visas will go through processing.
  • Payment of Fees: Visitors must pay visa fees as prescribed online prior to travel.

However, an exact date for the commencement of these changes has not yet been published. According to the Namibian authorities’ assurance on communicating soonest possible when it starts being implemented; therefore one should be prepared to fill out an application form and make necessary payments for visa upon landing at any airport within the country.

Concerns and Responses:

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration in Namibia clarified that these measures were designed to ensure fairness and equality among nations’ international relationships rather than restricting genuine travel. More information is expected soon regarding what specifically these rules will entail, including when they will take effect.

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New Shanghai-Brussels Route Launched

New Shanghai-Brussels route launched by Juneyao Air starting from July 3, 2024. The service is direct on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays to keep two vibrant cities globally connected and make life easier for passengers. At 01:55, from Shanghai Pudong International Airport Flight HO 1659 lands at Brussels International Airport at 08:15 local time. Return journey on Flight HO 1660 takes off from Brussels at 11:50 a.m., landing in Shanghai the following day at 5:05 a.m.

Highlights of the Shanghai-Brussels Route
  • Cutting-edge Planes: Experience comfortable travel in Juneyao Air’s Dreamliner type Boeing787-9.
  • Luxury Business Class: For an extra comfy journey, this class offers premium services and a spacious arrangement.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Keep in touch throughout your flight to enhance productivity and entertainment.
  • Efficient Luggage Handling: Smooth travel is accomplished by checking luggage directly into final destinations.

This expansion represents a milestone for Juneyao Air as it improves its network worldwide and shows commitment towards offering high-level services. Apart from supporting China-Belgium economic ties, the Shanghai-Brussels route also encourages cultural interaction and tourism development. Efficient travel between the bustling commercial center of Shanghai and vibrant European cultural Brussels can now be achieved easily by travelers.

With 95 aircrafts operating under its name and another twenty-four contributed by its subsidiary branch known as “9 AIR”, Juneyao Air has continued to expand in the aviation industry. This new destination demonstrates airline’s efforts to meet diverse needs of clients while providing strong connections across continents in the form of direct flights.

Juneyao Air will offer seamless trips between Asia and Europe. New Shanghai-Brussels Route Launched. 

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Emirates  Dubai to Tokyo, Geneva, and Brussels Flights

Emirates  Dubai to Tokyo, Geneva, and Brussels Flights - 

Emirates has announced the addition of its latest Boeing 777 cabin interiors to flights between Dubai and Tokyo Haneda, Geneva and Brussels. For the first time, these flights will include Emirates' signature Premium Economy as well as the next-generation Business Class seats in a new 1-2-1 configuration.

Adnan Kazim, Deputy President and Chief Commercial Officer for Emirates Airlines said: “By adding newly retrofitted Boeing 777s into our fleet mix, we are also providing ourselves with opportunities to bring in popular offerings such as Premium Economy to more cities served by this aircraft type within our network already and introducing more seat options across four classes.”

“Inspired by our flagship A380 in every cabin, our revamped Boeing 777 with enhanced interiors offers the best possible customer comfort. The redesigned Business Class cabin features additional privacy for customers along with sleek design touches and signature cabin finishes. Our investment ensures a consistent experience on all of them - both Boeing 777s and A380s.”

From July 1st, the first Emirates Boeing 777 will undergo a complete nose-to-tail refurbishment of its interior that will take approximately two weeks per aircraft. This includes refreshing the First Class cabin whilst installing upgraded seating options consisting of 38 new Business Class seats in a modernised 1-2-1 configuration, along with 24 Premium Economy seats and 256 Economy Class seats.

The new Business Class seats have been designed for optimal personal space and privacy which convert into fully flat beds whilst being each up to 20.7 inches wide with an average pitch of up to 44 inches apart. The staggered seating arrangement provides aisle access from each seat. Other features include touch screen seat controls, personal mini bars , large tables, storage areas for personal devices plus charging points; while there will also be a small bar area in the Business Class cabin for mid-flight snacks and drinks.

A total of 81 Boeing 777s are planned to be retrofitted by Emirates as part of its extensive programme. Further destinations will be announced over the coming months. The airline is investing over US$3 billion in revamping 191 aircraft across its fleet.

Currently, Emirates operates refurbished A380 aircraft fitted with Premium Economy on several routes including New York JFK, Los Angeles, London Heathrow, Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai and Tokyo Narita. By February 2025, Emirates plans to offer Premium Economy to over 36 cities with the A350 joining its fleet from September this year and more refurbished A380s and Boeing 777s entering service.

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Austrian Airlines adds New Routes to Innsbruck

Austrian Airlines adds New Routes to Innsbruck - 

Austrian Airlines will increase the number of flights between Vienna and Innsbruck for the winter season 2024/2025. The company will also initiate direct connections to some popular European cities.

The Viennese carrier will operate as many as 19 flights a week on the Vienna-Innsbruck route starting in October 2024. It will additionally offer weekly direct flights from Innsbruck to Brussels, Copenhagen and Warsaw. Between December and March; Amsterdam services will be extended. Charter flights are planned from Innsbruck to Stockholm and Billund during the peak ski season.

Austrian Airlines adds New Routes to Innsbruck

CCO Michael Trestl said of this offer that it represents flexibility but also recognises its importance for Tyrolean tourism: “More frequent connections mean more choice for our passengers. Once again we live up to our role as Austria’s home carrier by offering more flights.” Marco Pernetta, Managing Director of Innsbruck Airport added: “The increased frequencies and new routes are a clear sign that Austrian Airlines continues to invest in our region.”

Lufthansa Airlines also has an expanded schedule for the upcoming winter season: There will be 11 weekly flights between FrankfurtInnsbruck or MunichInnsbruck which can be supplemented by using the Lufthansa Express Bus service which connects Munich Airport with downtown Innsbruck. 

Discover Innsbruck: A Winter Wonderland

In northern Europe there is a city called Innsbrook that sits in the middle of the Alps mountain range. This place is not only a popular destination for those who love skiing but also provides beautiful alpine scenery all year round which makes it perfect for people looking forward to having their souls healed by nature. As “The Capital of the Alps,” it features world class ski resorts where visitors can enjoy snowboarding as well as many other winter sports activities.

Best Things to Do in Innsbrook:

  • Nordkette Mountain Range: This mountain range offers splendid views and excellent skiing facilities which are easily accessible from downtown.
  • Old Town (Altstadt): Visit the golden roof, medieval houses or just sit down at a delightful café.
  • Innsbrook Cathedral (Dom zu St. Jakob): A baroque cathedral with impressive frescoes inside its walls that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who loves art.
  • Bergisel Ski Jump: An architectural masterpiece which also serves as an observation tower giving panoramic views over the cityscape below while hosting international ski jumping competitions on its slopes.
  • Ambras Castle: A renaissance castle housing significant art collections and beautiful gardens where you can take long walks through enjoying every bit of nature’s beauty around you.
  • Winter Sports: Axamer Lizum is one among several ski resorts close to Innsbruck offering slopes for all levels of skier ability; Patscherkofel or Nordkette are others worth mentioning here too. Ice-skating opportunities exist within the city itself along with snowshoe trails and winter hiking paths for those looking forward to more adventurous experiences during their stay in this marvelous part of Austria.
  • Cultural Experiences: If you have never been there before then don’t miss out on any winter festival happening at Christmas time as they never disappoint when it comes down to Austrian food, crafts or festive atmosphere creation at its best

Flight Schedule Overview:

  • Vienna-Innsbruck: Multiple daily flights
  • Innsbruck-Brussels: Saturdays
  • Innsbruck-Copenhagen: Saturdays
  • Innsbruck-Warsaw: Saturdays
  • Innsbruck-Billund: Peak ski season
  • Innsbruck-Stockholm: Peak ski season
  • Innsbruck-Amsterdam: Saturdays, extended until end of March

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Visa free Travel to China

Visa free Travel to China - 

China’s new visa-free policy throws open its doors to tourists from 195 countries, making it possible for visitors to come see this fascinating country. Making travel to China easier than ever before! The main purpose of the initiative is to greatly stimulate the tourism industry in China. The rich culture, stunning landscapes and vibrant cities of China are now accessible to visitors who will not be required to obtain visas.

The most fascinating aspect of such policy involves cruise ship travellers. For group tours that arrive in China on a cruise liner, you can enter the country without a visa for up to a fortnight. Thirteen coastal cities fit into this category including popular destinations like Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian and Xiamen. Picture cruising into Shanghai and spending your days roaming busy streets with historic sites along beautiful waterfronts without having any immigration papers hassle!

Besides these cities, this visa-free entry will enable tourists to also visit their respective provinces directly under central government administration along the coast as well the capital city Beijing .You can see how great the Great Wall is ,walk around in the Forbidden City ,or feel the charm in different parts of China.

In addition to this, seven more cruise ports have been included in China’s expanded visa free transit policy that now covers: Dalian ,Lianyungan,Wenzhou,Zhoushan ,Guangzhou Shenzhen Beihai.Thus simplifying transit procedures for foreign guests sailing by sea.

However despite all these fabulous new policies, attracting international tourists has proven an uphill task for Chinese authorities recently. Nevertheless ASEAN/Schengen/Gulf countries are targeted by such bold moves made by Chinese leaders; it includes Thailand,Singapore,Malaysia and many European countries such as France ,Italy Spain or Germany.

Moreover apart from maritime routes china also focuses on airport-air connectivity improvement and expansion of high-speed rail lines to ASEAN countries and Europe meaning you’ll get smooth and fast travel options within China and beyond to improve your overall travel experience.

Some of the 195 countries that have Visa Free Travel to China 

  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  •  Kazakhstan
  •  Azerbaijan
  •  Armenia
  •  Uzbekistan
  •  Indonesia
  •  Vietnam
  •  Myanmar
  •  Thailand
  •  Malaysia
  • Cambodia
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Oman

With these efforts,China is not just opening its doors but will be rolling out the red carpet for international travellers. Whether you arrive by sea or air; this new visa-free policy makes visiting China easier as well as more attractive. So pack up and get ready to explore the wonders of China from ancient sites to modern marvels! The adventure of a lifetime awaits! 

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86 Countries can Visit the UK Visa Free

86 Countries can Visit the UK Visa Free!

Great news—citizens from 86 countries can now visit the UK without a visa, making it easier than ever to explore the wonders of this incredible nation. Travel to the UK has never been so easy!

Imagine upon arriving in the UK you will not have to deal with visa documentation. If you are going on a vacation, business meeting or any other important event, then easy entry points would make it more convenient for you during your journey. This opens up the opportunity to fully enjoy British cultural heritage, historical sights and city lights.

The range of tourist attractions in Britain is enormous and covers ancient as well as modern time periods. For example, there is Stonehenge and the Tower of London which are filled with tales from English history or there is the London Eye which stretches high above everything else or even Manchester’s busy streets. In other words, something for every kind of traveller whether visiting for a second time or for the first time ever. The visa-free policy is a boon for tourism, inviting more visitors to experience these wonders firsthand.

There is also another benefit for business travellers and conference delegates too. The United Kingdom hosts several world conferences annually as well as various events.Easy entry means you can focus on your professional goals without the stress of visa logistics. So how about mingling with fellow professionals from across the globe within an ever-changing environment; sounds good?

86 Countries can Visit the UK Visa Free

As a result, UK economy gains significant benefits through the increased numbers of visitors coming into the country. In 2023 alone Britain welcomed 38 million visitors spending £31.1 billion which was a record set since its inception. This trend stimulates growth in different sectors like hotel industry, retail trade among others. So, it is not just an interesting journey, but also assistance to a prosperous society in the UK.

This is a must for all sports fans! In 2028 the United Kingdom and Ireland will jointly host UEFA European Football Championship. This major event will attract sports fanatics from every corner of the world who want to see such cities as Cardiff and Glasgow among others. It promises to be a great celebration again enhancing the UK’s attractiveness. So 86 Countries can Visit the UK Visa-Free is just fabulous news for all sports fans. 

Let's not forget the easy access through major airports like London Heathrow and London Gatwick, which handled millions of passengers in 2023. The visa-free policy ensures these numbers keep climbing, fueling the travel and tourism industry.

Some of the Countries that can travel Visa-free to the UK:

Iceland, Norway, Croati, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Botswana, Spain, Belgium, New Zealand, Estonia, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, Panama, Slovenia, Mexico, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Greece, Luxembourg, Maldives, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Australia, Chile, France, South Korea , Cyprus, The Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, Italy, Malaysia, Austria, Malta, Singapore, Argentina, Israel, Germany, Namibia, United States, Romania, Finland.

Visit and check the complete list of eligible countries!

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Brussels Airlines Launches New Route to Nairobi

Brussels Airlines Launches New Route to Nairobi

Brussels Airlines has officially launched its flights to Nairobi, the vibrant capital city of Kenya! The first flight (SN 481) took off on June 3, 2024 from Brussels Airport and landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. With five weekly flights, this new route is expected to increase tourism and trade between Belgium and Kenya.

Here you can find the flight schedule of Brussels Airlines.

The Kenyan Tourism Board (KTB) is excited about the positive impact that this move will have on tourism in Kenya. In Nairobi alone, European tourists already account for 29% of all arrivals with a total number estimated at 572,352 visitors per annum.

June Chepkemei, CEO of Kenyan Tourism Board said; “We need connectivity to bring people into our country as tourists hence we are looking forward to working with Brussels Airlines towards this goal.”

Brussels Airlines Launches New Route To Nairobi

As an Africa specialist within Lufthansa Group, Brussels Airlines currently serves a total of 18 destinations across Sub-Saharan Africa. Since the start of ticket sales alone over 50 thousand tickets have been sold from Nairobi showing how much demand there is for this new connection even before the inaugural flight takes place.

Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO of Brussels Airline expressed her delight saying "We see many Belgians that want to discover Kenya. Our first flights to Nairobi are fully booked. We offer many connections from Europe via BRU (Nairobi), which gives more opportunities for Kenyans to study abroad or travel around."

To mark this special occasion an event was held at Brussels Airport just before take-off attended by Dorothea von Boxberg (CEO Brussels Airline), Arnaud Feist (CEO Brussels Airport) and Peter Maddens (Belgian Ambassador) among others. This new link promises exciting times ahead not only for travellers from both regions but also in terms of strengthening ties between Belgium and Kenya.

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Brussels Airport Announces 9 New Destinations and 6 new Airlines with 178 destinations on offer

Brussels Airport Announces 9 New Destinations

Spring may be late but as anticipated on 31st March, the summer season at Brussels airport will open again with a number of classic sunny destinations and new routes. For this summer, travellers from Brussels will have direct flights to 178 destinations in 64 countries through the 64 airlines operating there. The other eight are Singapore, China’s Shanghai, Kenya’s Nairobi, Norway’s Bergen, Poland’s Krakow; Italy’s Bari; Romania’s Bacau and Turkey’s Gazipasa. Additionally, Brive-la-Gaillarde Vallée de la Dordogne Valley is also expected to touch down at Brussels Airport for the first time.

Like last year's three-month break millions of Europeans can opt for distant trip or stay near their homes using city trip or spending family holidays by the sea or visiting friends abroad: 178 direct connections all over the world with air carriers (among which six are new ones) offer something to everyone.

Useful information:

Summer season has brought 178 direct routes from Belgium served by 64 air companies. They have added another 8 new destinations including Singapore, Shanghai, Nairobi,Bergen,Krakow,Bari,Bacau,Gazipasa. Also they’ve got Juneyao Airlines,Hainan Airlines and Singapore Airlines among six additions this year.

Brussels Airlines will introduce two new services this summer: Nairobi and Krakow. In addition they plan on buying one A330-300 aircraft and three A320neos thereby enabling them to operate on a total of 88 destinations. This includes their presence in Sub-Saharan Africa that consists of eighteen cities and two North American centres. Moreover Transavia will park its third aircraft at Brussels Airport for the period.

United Airlines is planning a second daily flight to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) therefore making four flights per day only from there. Air Canada has decided to serve more flights to Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) while Air Transat is putting on more services between Montreal Trudeau International Airport (YUL) and YYZ.

Air Arabia Maroc has enriched its Moroccan network with two new routes: Tetouan (TTU) and Rabat-Sale (RBA). Therefore, the total of them within Morocco is seven.

This summer Brussels Airport has a strong schedule that satisfies customers’ various needs both for Europe and even beyond!


China Expands Visa-Free Travel to Six European Countries

China Expands Visa-Free Travel to Six European Countries -

Great news for wanderlusters! A new 15-day visa-free travel policy makes it possible for more tourists from six extra European countries to enjoy China. Starting on March 14 and ending on November 30, 2024, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg citizens can enter China without a visa.

Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg have been added to the list of countries whose nationals may enjoy visa-free entry into China.

Reasons for traveling

In addition to business visits and tourism purposes ordinary passport holders of these six countries may also pass through China or visit the country within the stated period without any form of visa since they are going on transit or visiting friends and relatives here.

What is the meaning?

This move demonstrates that China is committed to facilitating foreigners’ visits by promoting personnel exchanges and building fast-track networks for cross-border travels.

Any diplomatic significance?

Yes. This year alone saw Chinese Premier Li Qiang promise during his meeting with Swiss President Viola Amherd in January that her countrymen would get unilateral free access into China. The pledge was part of efforts aimed at forging closer diplomatic ties between Beijing and Bern besides boosting economic cooperation between them.
China Expands Visa-Free Travel to Six European Countries

The new development is aligned with Beijing’s desire to foster worldwide ties while making it easier for people from abroad come here either temporarily or permanently hence enhance mutual understanding among different cultures at such times when there are higher demands for various types of communications across borders than ever before due mainly but not limited solely globalization which necessitates establishment many more international linkages even though they might seem unnecessary initially given current technological advances especially those related air transport industry where flights can cover very long distances faster than other modes like rail or road thus reducing travel time significantly thereby increasing efficiency levels significantly also consequently further improving quality standards globally throughout all sectors involved both directly indirectly related tourism being one them hence this move will no doubt benefit the tourism industry not only locally but also internationally provided other countries reciprocate by allowing Chinese passport holders enter their territories without having to apply for visas additionally each nation should encourage its citizens visit another state during this trial period so as enable them appreciate diversity within humanity while still recognizing commonalities among different peoples across globe.

China has expanded its visa-free travel scheme to six European nations in an effort to build bridges between countries and simplify global connections, it said on Tuesday. The country hopes that by doing so there will be a greater understanding of different cultures during what is considered a time when communication across borders has never been more necessary due mainly (but not limited solely) globalization which necessitates establishment many more international linkages even though they might seem unnecessary initially given current technological advances especially those related air transport industry where flights can cover very long distances faster than other modes like rail or road thus reducing travel time significantly thereby increasing efficiency levels significantly also consequently further improving quality standards globally throughout all sectors involved both directly indirectly related tourism being one them.

The announcement comes after promises made earlier this year by China’s Premier Li Qiang at a meeting with Swiss President Viola Amherd. At the same conference, Beijing agreed to give Swiss citizens visa-free access to the country- a move that was welcomed as strengthening diplomatic relations and economic ties between the two countries.

Giant Panda

Breaking down barriers between nations through simplified border crossings could open up new possibilities for travellers. Whether you are an adventurer eager to see the Great Wall of China, a business person looking for manufacturing opportunities in Shenzhen or a backpacker seeking enlightenment from ancient Buddhist temples in Chengdu, this trial period offers something special for everyone.

The program builds on commitments made by Premier Li Qiang when he met with Swiss President Viola Amherd stating that Switzerland will receive unilateral free entry into China among other things which are aimed at deepening ties between Beijing and Bern as well as boosting economic cooperation both sides.

The move expands on China’s previous moves to simplify visa procedures for people from around the world. In 2016, the country introduced a 30-day visa-free stay for tourists visiting Hainan Island, and in 2017 it extended the same policy to non-Chinese visitors of several cities in Liaoning province.

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Transavia announces new flights from Brussels

Transavia Brussels’ new flights:

September 14, 2023: Transavia has chosen to increase its presence at Brussels Airport due to restricted capacity at Eindhoven and Rotterdam airports and the expected downsizing at Amsterdam Schiphol.

Another plane will be brought in to Brussels while three more cities are introduced by Transavia into its route network including Bari, Marrakech and Thessaloniki from June next year.

Starting on June 27th, there will be Thrice per week flights to Bari (Italy).

Also starting thenceforth from June 28th, thrice weekly flights to Marrakech Morocco will commence.

Flights twice a week start on June 29th for Thessaloniki

What is more, some of the current destinations will have an increase in frequencies as follows:

Alicante increases from 6 to 7 weekly

Heraklion increases from 3 to 4 weekly

Ibiza increases from 4 to 5 weekly

Malaga increases from 6 to 7 weekly

Tenerife South increases from2to3weekly

In addition, Transavia maintains frequencies to Faro, Seville and Zakynthos that are summer destinations while Innsbruck and Salzburg being winter destinations.


Tunisia's Soaring Connectivity to Europe

Tunisia's Soaring Connectivity to Europe: A Record-Breaking Summer

Tunisia has more capacity to Europe than any other African country, after Morocco and Egypt, . It will offer a record 3.54 million departing seats between April and October, according to Cirium data, a 14.6% rise over 2019. In the past two decades, this is only the fourth time that Tunisian capacity has exceeded three million seats — showing strong recovery from the  global pandemic among other things.

Highlights of Tunisia's Soaring Connectivity to Europe:
  • Record Capacity: Highest ever for Tunisia with 3.54 million departing seats.
  • Strong Growth: Up by 14.6% on 2019.
  • Resilient Recovery: Overcoming the impacts of theglobal pandemic etc.

However, development has been held back by delays to an eagerly anticipated EU open skies agreement – much like Morocco, increased foreign (Ultra)LCC presence would benefit Tunisia to stimulate tourism and VFR traffic. Nevertheless, significant growth has been recorded by Nouvelair – a leisure operator based in Tunisia.

A Record Summer with Many New European Routes:

Over 30 new routes have been launched this summer – all are brand-new or not operated within the last decade by stated carriers; All are 2-weekly, except those with an *, which are weekly, and **, which are 3-weekly:

  • 14 March: Nouvelair, Tunis-Basel (Switzerland)
  • 27 March: easyJet, Bristol-Enfidha
  • 31 May: Eurowings, Stuttgart-Monastir*
  • 31 May: TUI fly Deutschland, Stuttgart-Djerba*
  • 3 April: Nouvelair, Tunis-Berlin
  • 5 April: Eurowings, Dusseldorf-Monastir
  • 7 April: Nouvelair, Tunis-Bordeaux
  • 19 April: Nouvelair, Sfax-Paris CDG
  • 3 May: Eurowings Discover, Frankfurt-Monastir
  • 6 May: Bulgaria Air, Sofia-Djerba*
  • 26 May: Nouvelair, Tunis-Munich
  • 1 June: Nouvelair, Djerba-Poznan*
  • 1 June: Nouvelair, Sfax-Istanbul IST
  • 12 June: Neos, Milan MXP-Djerba
  • 12 June: Neos, Verona-Djerba*
  • 12 June: Nouvelair, Monastir-Lublin/Katowice*
  • 19 June: Neos, Bologna-Djerba/Monastir*
  • 19 June: Neos, Rome FCO-Djerba/Monastir*
  • 28 June: Nouvelair, Monastir-Bratislava*
  • 19 June: Nouvelair, Tunis-Stockholm ARN*
  • 2 July: Brussels Airlines, Brussels-Monastir
  • 4 July: Eurowings, Hamburg-Tunis*
  • 7 July: Nouvelair, Monastir-Banja Luka*
  • 17 July: Nouvelair, Tunis-Milan MXP
  • 10 September: Nouvelair, Tunis-Frankfurt**
  • 11 September: Nouvelair, Tunis-Copenhagen*
  • 14 September: Nouvelair, Tunis-St Petersburg
  • 17 September: Nouvelair, Tunis-Bologna
  • 29 October: easyJet, Basel-Enfidha
  • 30 October: easyJet, London LTN-Enfidha**
  • 30 October: Transavia France, Paris ORY-Tozeur

This year has seen a tremendous increase in the number of flights between Tunisia and Europe, with new routes being added at an unprecedented rate. Six airports in Tunisia now have direct flights from European cities, including Tozeur which will receive its first European flight since Tunisair stopped flying there last year when Transavia France starts serving Paris Orly on 30 October.

These developments demonstrate that Tunisia is serious about growing its tourism industry and aviation sector – an exciting future awaits for travellers and the country’s economy.

Tunisia has never been so easy to get to. Why not let our fantastic DMC in Tunisia help plan your next trip? Contact Barclay's Group Travel and get planning the trip of a lifetime!

Albania is Ryanair's lastest destination - 17 new routes

200 weekly flights and 17 new routes announced by Ryanair

June 8, 2023 -  Ryanair has announced a significant expansion for its Winter '23 schedule, including 200 weekly flights and the introduction of 17 new routes to and from Albania. This expansion marks Albania as the 37th country within Ryanair's extensive network. It will offer immediate access to vital inbound tourism markets, including Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and the UK. Additionally, this initiative will bring competitive fares and improved connectivity for Albanians who wish to travel to their homeland or visit friends and family abroad.

These exciting new Winter routes will help Albania in achieving substantial growth in the tourism industry. It is well-established that countries benefit greatly from the presence of major airlines like Ryanair, which can contribute to capacity growth. Ryanair has consistently and successfully demonstrated its role in supporting European economies heavily reliant on tourism, such as Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and Malta.





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