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Activities and news Lebanon

Here you find an overview of all activities and latest destination news posted about Lebanon

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Activities Lebanon

Beirut Sunset Cruise

Beirut Sunset Cruise - 

TLB Destinations presents a Beirut Sunset Cruise – sail into serenity!

Are you ready to see the Beirut magic from another angle? LetTLB Destinations take you and your clients on a calm sunset cruise along the beautiful shores of Beirut. You don't want to miss out on this night, we promise you will have fun! 

Imagine yourself gliding on top of the shiny Mediterranean with warm winds whipping around your hair. As the sun goes down, the sky turns into an absolutely stunning range of colours. It's a great place for rest and perfect views. 

Beirut’s iconic skyline is unfolded before you from the uncommon vantage point of the sea. The landscape of this city combines modern skyscrapers and historical architecture which are just amazing to look at. You can really see this town in a different way on this Beirut Sunset Cruise - absolutely literally actually! You’ll see the city in a new light—literally. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like watching the sunset paint the sky while the city lights start to twinkle. It’s pure magic.

As you sip something cool while looking at this stunning view, daily life concerns seem to disappear altogether from your mind and body. This isn’t merely about going on a boat ride; it’s more like taking a mini vacation for your soul.

Are you feeling hungry on this Beirut Sunset Cruise? No worries because we’ve got it all sorted out here for you guys on board!!! Our cruise includes local delicacies that go well with these picturesque landscapes around us too!

As the evening grows older and the sun sets below the horizon, the city comes alive with its vibrant nightlife. You will have a new appreciation of Beirut’s culture and its beauty on your way back to the port. It is  an experience that lingers in your memories long after leaving the shoreline. 

With TLB Destinations, everything from your sunset cruise planning has been taken care of ensuring that this is a hassle-free memorable treat. So, keep those memories alive by joining us for an incredible water escapades. Let’s create wonderful memories for you and your clients together! 

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Explore Byblos Lebanon

Explore Byblos Lebanon – A Must Visit Destination

Attention lovers of adventure and fine dining! Get ready for ancient history, cultural colorfulness and Lebanese cuisine like never before. Let us go to Byblos, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on earth!

Well first up – let’s go way back in time! Picture yourself walking among crumbling ruins that once belonged to Phoenician sailors and other long-gone civilizations. It’s like stepping into a history book, but better because you’re actually there, breathing in the ancient air and listening to the tales these old stones have to tell.

But hold up – Byblos isn’t all dusty relics! After traveling through time with Explore Byblos Lebanon it is time to get down with your bad self outside. Imagine stepping into busy souks where every corner unveils a burst of colors, noise and amazing smells coming from every direction. From handmade trinkets to rare spices …this place is sensory overload making you feel local within minutes.

Now let’s talk about food – because doing Byblos on an empty stomach would be criminal. You’ll eat traditional Lebanese lunch under blue skies right beside sparkling Mediterranean Sea. We are talking about mezzes piled high with delicious titbits; kebab drips and sizzles on grill; seafood so fresh that it is almost alive.

As you eat your meal, with the salty air in your hair and the sound of waves crashing in the background, take a moment to soak it all in. What a perfect blend of history, culture and good eating – it will give you memories you’ll always treasure …and cravings for more Lebanese food!

After this incredible day full of novel experiences dine al fresco at sunset overlooking stunningly beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The mixture of historical sites visited throughout the day plus different cultural aspects met as well as various types dishes tasted during lunch makes one cherish these moments forever and fall in love with Lebanon as well.

So if you’re keen to explore ancient ruins, get lost in bustling markets and eat your weight in delicious Lebanese goodies by the sea – join us on this epic Byblos adventure. Let’s create memories while indulging ourselves with some of Lebanon’s best!

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TLB Destinations DMC Lebanon

Are you thinking about partnering with a Destination Management Company (DMC) in Lebanon? Our network can connect you with the best DMCs worldwide, and TLB Destinations is ready to offer excellent services for any need.

Lebanon has been called the pearl of the Middle East because it offers so many cultural and scenic attractions. This country has something for everyone, from the busy city streets of Beirut to peaceful cedar forests in Shouf Mountains.

It’s no exaggeration to say that TLB Destinations isn’t like other travel coordinators; they’re more like your key into this incredible land. These people are locals who know everything there is to know about Lebanon — and who love sharing its secrets with visitors from around the world.

TLB Destinations’ unique selling point lies in their ability to create extraordinary journeys. No matter whether we’re talking about an energetic company outing among Baalbek’s ancient ruins or a quiet retreat within vineyards of Bekaa Valley, these guys have what it takes to turn your dreams into memories.

What sets them apart though, is how they want every step of your trip be filled with joy: from covering guests in famous Lebanese hospitality during their stay here; taking them down historic alleys at Byblos town – one oldest inhabited cities worldwide; letting them taste local dishes cooked right next door too …

If you want to offer incredible Lebanese adventures to your clients, TLB Destinations is the ideal ally. Reach out for personalized proposals today.

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TLB Destinations DMC Lebanon

TLB Destinations DMC Lebanon

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