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Here you find an overview of all activities and latest destination news posted about Mali

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Activities Mali

National Museum of Mali Tour

National Museum of Mali Tour

Are you excited to learn about the great past of Mali? Then let’s go to the National Museum of Mali that is home to a variety of ancient artefacts representing different cultures and full of interesting stories from the past which are told  in vibrant detail about this country’s rich history. 

The National Museum is at the heart of Bamako city; it’s not just any ordinary building where things are kept for showcase purposes only but rather acts as an entrance into various traditions within Mali as well as other civilisations across ages. Once inside visitors will be met by astonishing displays featuring everything starting from olden days statues through ceremonial masks ending up with fine arts produced over generations which were discovered during excavations done around Mali. Each artifact tells a story, offering a glimpse into Mali’s rich tapestry of cultures.

Your guided tour has been crafted bearing in mind that there are many puzzles wrapped within these walls waiting to be solved or marveled at accordingly: what is known about them must be shared! Discover the legacy of the Mali Empire, learn about traditional rituals and customs, and admire the craftsmanship of centuries-old artworks. It really is like travelling back in time where you get to discover the secrets of Mali's past. 

During the National Museum of Mali Tour you will see rooms filled with artifacts showing Mali’s pivotal role in West African history, including its contributions to trade, religion, and art.You are also likely to encounter famous sculptures done by Dogon people besides seeing intricately woven cloths made Bambara individuals among others.

Our tours do not just focus on past events alone but rather aim in creating memories; thus our guides will share local stories which will be funny and entertaining during your visits while still imparting knowledge about various historical times. 

The National Museum of Mali guarantees an unforgettable experience that will forever remain etched in your mind as long as you live; therefore join Continent Tours today because it’s said “A journey shared is twice enjoyed”.

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Mali Mosque Adventure

Mali Mosque Adventure -

Have you ever dreamed of travelling to Mali? This extraordinary journey begins in Timbuktu, a place steeped in allure and heritage. The magic unfurls as you step foot into the magnificent Sankore and Djinguereber Mosques.

The UNESCO-designated Sankore Mosque captivates with its intricate design and breathtaking courtyard, inviting you to immerse in Mali's rich cultural tapestry. This historical gem stands tall, offering a window into Mali's storied past and architectural grandeur. This architectural treasure not only symbolizes historical significance but also showcases Mali's enduring cultural richness. Its walls resonate with tales of a bygone era, beckoning travelers to immerse themselves in its storied past.

Adjacent is the Djinguereber Mosque, a resilient masterpiece dating back to the 14th century. Stepping inside, you're transported through time, marveling at enduring craftsmanship.

This Mali Mosque adventure extends beyond history. Traverse the expansive desert with seasoned locals as your guides. Each dune traversed narrates ancient tales, amplifying the thrill of adventure.

Let's embark on a journey that will not only enrich your soul but also ignite your passion for exploration!

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Continent Tours DMC Mali

Are you considering partnering with a Destination Management Company in Mali? We take pride in presenting a curated selection of top-notch DMCs from around the world, and Continent Tours DMC Mali is here to extend its exceptional services to meet your needs.

Mali, sometimes referred to as the "Jewel of West Africa, offers a multitude of experiences and cultural wonders. From the mystical city of Timbuktu to the vibrant markets of Bamako - here every traveler's desires will be satisfied.

Continent Tours DMC Mali will help you know this amazing country in a way that no other can. Its staff is made up of committed members who are well versed with the history, customs and geography of Mali.

When you collaborate with Continent Tours, they tap into vast experience in organising events. The company has a track record of successfully planning for corporate meetings, conferences or group travel within Mali. They can take your idea and make it an unforgettable reality by organizing team building activities deep within the beautiful sceneries of Mali; or even planning peaceful retreats along River Niger.

What makes Continent Tours DMC Mali special is their dedication to creating unique tours that will thrill customers. This involves exposing your clients to magical Malian traditions, visiting Djenné – the legendary city as well as sampling different cuisines from across mali.

If your desire is to give customers exceptional adventures while making them see how beautiful this country is; then Continent Tours DMC mali should be your choice number one! Reach out to us today for customised proposals.

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Continent Tours DMC Mali

Continent Tours DMC Mali

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