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Unveil the Magic of Kakheti

Unveil the Magic of Kakheti - 

Grata DMC invites you to explore Georgia’s leading wine region - Kakheti, renowned for its picturesque beauty and deep-rooted customs. This tour involves a visit to beautiful landscapes, historical cities and tasteful Georgian wines.

Discover the “City of Love” – Sighnaghi

Start with Sighnaghi, which is known as a “city of love,” one of the most beautiful cities in Georgia. Walk along its lovely cobbled streets, be amazed by the preserved walls of the town and have stunning looks at the Alazani Valley. Sighnaghi offers an idyllic atmosphere and ancient architecture that will make your memories unforgettable.

Unveil Vineyards

Travel through Kakheti’s lush vineyards, where rows of grapevines stretch across the rolling hills.. While going through this picturesque countryside, you'll witness the harmonious blend of nature and viticulture that defines this region.

Indulge in Wine Tasting

It would not be right for you to come to this part of Kakheti without a taste of their famous wines. Grata DMC can organise special wine tasting sessions at some select wineries within this district. Different types ranging from heavy reds to light whites can be tried so that one can sample the unique flavours associated with Kakheti’s reputation. Learn about qvevri making technology used till today listed among UNESCO heritage sites while appreciating all the intricacies preserved inside bottles.

Enjoy Georgian Hospitality

During this trip, you are sure to get firsthand experience in Georgia where hospitality reigns supreme thanks to Grata DMC which has made it their priority. Sharing your experiences from local vintners or visiting family-owned vineyards ensure such moments are tailored tomake you feel at home in Georgian culture.

Plan your trip to Kakheti Today

This Kakheti tour is the perfect mix of discovery and indulgence whether you are a wine lover, an ardent historian or just someone who would like a quite place for relaxation. Grata DMC provides you with professional advice and personalized service so that you can discover why Georgia is known as wine country.

Visit vineyards and town of old times in Kakheti. The best Georgian wines, breathtaking landscapes and Sighnaghi’s charm will be presented to you. Contact Grata DMC today and Unveil the Magic of Kakheti together!

06 July 2024