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Discover the Magic of the Serengeti Game Reserve

Discover the Magic of the Serengeti Game Reserve

Discover the Magic of the Serengeti Game Reserve

If you are dreaming about an extraordinary expedition right in the middle part of Africa, then look no further. We have got what you need with this group activity that we offer- an exciting safari through famous Serengeti Game Reserve. Just imagine these endless grassy plains, magnificent acacia savannahs and lush riverine forests teeming with amazing wildlife! It is home to lions, cheetahs, leopards and buffalo that freely roam among thousands upon thousands of antelopes and vibrant birds. This is the Serengeti – it’s calling your name!

Our tour to the Serengeti as a group is not just a wildlife watching experience but rather an encounter with the very spirit of Africa itself! And what could be better than staying at Meliá Serengeti Lodge while on this epic safari? The lodge’s luxury accommodations fuse seamlessly with its breathtaking surroundings; it’s like glamping minus having one's tent invaded by curious elephants!

Why come Discovering Magic in The SGR?

The Serengeti isn’t just any national park; It’s a living system full of life and natural wonders where everything is connected. From witnessing millions of wildebeest crossing over from one side to another during what has become known as The Great Migration or simply basking in golden African sun alongside sleeping lion prides – every moment spent here becomes a picture-perfect memory waiting to happen.

Meliá Serengeti Lodge: Your Luxurious Abode Away from Home

After spotting various kinds of animals throughout the day there’s nothing more comforting than returning back into Melia serenghetii lodges soft towels under our feet! These are not your ordinary campsites that one visits while going on safaris; They offer gourmet meals every time round prepared by some world class chefs whose only concern is ensuring all guests leave with bellies full up to brim. The infinity pools provide magnificent views across vast plains where at certain times elephants can be seen moving towards waterholes below.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge: Elegance in Wilds

Located within the park itself, Four Seasons Safari Lodge is situated right at the heart of central Serengeti. All rooms here have direct views over these endless savannahs so one never misses out on any action be it during daytime or nighttime when animals come out to play most frequently. Elevated wooden walkways connect great house to rooms making them seem like extensions built off cliffs thus creating unique blend between comfort and wilderness living such as this could only happen in dreams! Imagine drinking your first cupful coffee every morning as you watch elephants strolling past campfire; pure magic indeed!

Activities Galore

Our group tour guarantees a variety of exciting activities that will ensure our clients stay engaged throughout their time spent within the Serengeti:

  • Game Drives- These are set off early before sunrise and later at sundown by well knowledgeable guides who accompany guests while looking for big five game reserves among others.
  • Bird Watching- With around 500 different species of birds found in this area alone bird watchers should be prepared for paradise right here on earth!
  • Cultural Visits -You get meet traditional Maasai communities sharing with them some cultural experiences which always leave visitors enlightened about various aspects concerning life under such circumstances.
  • Bush Dinners- There is something special about dining under open sky surrounded by nature’s symphony – it is an experience no one should miss when they visit The SGR reserve.

Why Choose Somak Safaris?

Somak Safaris provides extraordinary experiences because they care about what matters most; people. They plan  their tours meticulously so that you can enjoy maximum impact from each stage of your stay while exploring Kenya's premier game reserves including Nairobi National Park which covers 117 sq Km being home to over 400 bird species alone! From your arrival till departure; all shall be handled by friendly & knowledgeable guides who know the Serengeti like back of their hands – we guarantee leaving with amazing photos and unforgettable memories so get ready for adventure!

Let’s go! We are going on a once in a lifetime safari in the Serengeti National Park. Get ready to get wild and have fun!

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