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DMC Amsterdam

Our DMC in Amsterdam is DMC Amsterdam. Join us in Amsterdam - DMC Amsterdam is a top DMC that organizes events, activities, incentives, and leisure travel in Amsterdam.

Groups and MICE to Amsterdam

DMC Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Cycling through the Heart of Dutch Innovation

At DMC Amsterdam, we pride ourselves on being your top destination management company in the heart of the Netherlands. Entrust your clients to us and watch as they explore Amsterdam's iconic canals, historic houses, and vibrant art scene.
Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized and unique experiences, ensuring each visit is as enchanting and efficient as the city's famous windmills. Choose DMC Amsterdam, where every client's journey is crafted to perfection.

Bestselling itinerary Amsterdam

Amsterdam Unveiled: A 5-Day Cultural and Business Fusion

Amsterdam Uncorked: A 5-Day Cultural and Business Marriage

Amsterdam, the captivating capital of the Netherlands, welcomes you! Make your clients’ five-day stay unforgettable by merging business with the magical spirit of this historic city.

Day 1: Your customers will be taken to the prestigious Conservatorium Hotel where luxury meets historical elegance. Thereafter, while they can take a gentle walk along one of Amsterdam's canals near-by, they will have checked in.

Day 2: The first meeting has been arranged at the hotel’s state-of –the-art conference room. After a productive session we’ll arrange for an afternoon visit to Van Gogh Museum which is only a short stroll from our hotel where your clients can see some of his works.

Day 3: Another focused morning of meetings starts this day. In the evening there would be a private canal cruise that allows visitors to see Amsterdam’s historical buildings as well as bustling everyday life. Still later in the evening they could have dinner at Michelin-starred restaurants like Vinkeles Restaurant among others for an exquisite meal.

Day 4: Once done with the agenda for the morning’s business, your customers might wish to go to iconic Anne Frank House or just ride bicycles leisurely across Jordaan district famous for its art galleries , antique shops and garden parks between courtyards . An evening may be spent at one of Amsterdam vibrant theaters.

Day 5: Have a laid-back morning on their last day by visiting serene Vondelpark or taking coffee in De Pijp district known for being artistic. They will be comfortably transferred back to the airport after lunching together for goodbye.

Combining history-fueled nostalgia, creativity-rich culture and contemporary workplaces make Amsterdam attractive for those who want both efficiency and exploration on their trips. With this carefully planned schedule you are guaranteed that your clients will leave with deep insights into what makes Amsterdam special and memorable experiences.

Activities & latest news in Amsterdam

Austrian Airlines adds New Routes to Innsbruck

Austrian Airlines adds New Routes to Innsbruck -  Austrian Airlines will increase the number of flights between Vienna and Innsbruck for the winter season 2024/2025. The company will also initiate direct connections to some popular European cities. The Viennese carrier will operate as many as 19 flights a week on the Vienna-Innsbruck route starting in October 2024. It will additionally offer weekly direct flights from Innsbruck to Brussels, Copenhagen and Warsaw. Between December and March; Amsterdam services will be extended. Charter flights are planned from Innsbruck to Stockholm and Billund during the peak ski season. Austrian Airlines adds New Routes to Innsbruck CCO Michael Trestl said of this offer that it represents flexibility but also recognises its importance for Tyrolean tourism: “More frequent connections mean more choice for our passengers. Once again we live up to our role as Austria’s home carrier by offering more flights.” Marco Pernetta, Managing Director of Innsbruck Airport added: “The increased frequencies and new routes are a clear sign that Austrian Airlines continues to invest in our region.” Lufthansa Airlines also has an expanded schedule ...

New Direct Flights to Las Vegas

New Direct Flights to Las Vegas -  Aer Lingus will celebrate the launch of their first ever flight from Dublin to fun-filled Las Vegas by flying on the 25th of October, 2024. It is suggested that you book in advance so as not to miss out on a winter break in the Sports and Entertainment Capital of the World. From just before this year’s mid-term, Aer Lingus will be serving its customers three days per week i.e. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday up-to April 29th, 2025 which includes Easter midterm break. The operator for this route would be Airbus A330-300 known for its spaciousness thus providing comfortable travel experience to passengers. Why Choose Las Vegas? Popularly known as Sin City, Las Vegas has gained an international reputation as an ultimate winter sun and leisure destination with dazzling shows, electrifying concerts, thrilling sports events like the Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix and magnificent natural attractions like the Grand Canyon. If you love sports or entertainment or nature itself then you must visit Las Vegas. More Than Just Entertainment The variety of options for entertainment is infinite ranging from live performances by legends lik...

Zaanse Schans near Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans near Amsterdam -  Prepare to travel back in time and bask in the beauty of Zaanse Schans, a hidden gem that is only a stone's throw away from Amsterdam! Imagine this: you walking through a picture-perfect scenery with windmills whispering stories of centuries gone by as the soft breeze blows against your face. Zaanse Schans near Amsterdam is not just another pretty face; it is a living museum that brings history alive right in front of your eyes. So put on those comfortable shoes and get ready to be charmed by activities such as cheese making or clog carving while visiting traditional crafts. Here artisans still practice their skills thus keeping alive what has been passed down for generations over hundreds years in every stroke they make with chisel and each curd they press into place. But hold on tight because there's more than meets the eye when it comes to this magical little town! While taking in all these sights sounds smells from times past why not have an easygoing picnic among its charming streets too? Find yourself some grassy patch, lay down your blanket and indulge into few goodies bought locally while enjoying peace around you – this is tr...

Highlights by DMC Amsterdam

Canals of Amsterdam
Explore Amsterdam's iconic canals, a testament to innovative urban planning, offering picturesque waterways lined with historic, gabled houses.

Van Gogh Museum
Delve into the world of a troubled genius at the Van Gogh Museum, showcasing the largest collection of his stirring works.

Anne Frank House
Step into the poignant hideaway of Anne Frank House, where Anne Frank penned her famous diary during World War II.

Marvel at the Rijksmuseum, a grand repository of Dutch art and history, featuring works by Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Relax in the green expanse of Vondelpark, a beloved urban retreat offering open-air concerts, cafes, and leisurely paths.

Dam Square
Experience the bustling heart of the city at Dam Square, surrounded by notable buildings and frequent street performers.

Map Amsterdam

DMC Amsterdam
DMC Amsterdam

DMC Amsterdam

DMC Amsterdam
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 261
1021 KP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

DMC Amsterdam Review

dmc review

Impressive DMC services

Just wanted to say thanks to Rogier and his DMC Amsterdam team, they looked after our  group(s) in September and our clients absolutely loved the tour. Rogier and team were great, the hotels and the coaches were really quality and I can’t thank them enough for their efforts and quality ground / land services.

Services as a DMC in total were great!! ;)

dmc review

exceptional incentive programme

"I couldn’t resist expressing my sincere appreciation for the exceptional incentive programme that your team and especially Tania organised for our group. 

The experience was truly remarkable and left an indelible impression on all of us.

I want to commend Tania on her meticulous planning and flawless execution of the event.  From the onset, it was evident that every aspect was thoughtfully curated, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.  The attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication that your team displayed were truly commendable.

You have a little super star in Tania, she became part of our family and her dedication to our group was something I have not seen often by our partners.  She is a very special human, and I will be eternally grateful for her.

We look forward to future collaborations and thank you once again for making this incentive programme an outstanding success!"