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Activities and news Mexico

Here you find an overview of all activities and latest destination news posted about Mexico

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Activities Mexico

Exploring Chichen Itza and Beyond

Exploring Chichen Itza and Beyond –

We are going to delve into wonders of Chichen Itza, Mexico’s UNESCO world heritage site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Enjoy a day of historical anecdotes, breathtaking sights as well as other natural attractions at Yucatan Peninsula with Condor Verde.

The adventure starts with guided walks in the ancient Maya city where it comes alive. Not just a simple walk but an opportunity to feel how this civilization felt like. Discover the ruins, be awed by El Castillo, which is the great pyramid, and allow yourself be taken away by The Great Ball Court into an age of sacred games and vibrant Mayan life.

But wait there is more Exploring Chichen Itza and Beyond! So why not join us on this cenote expedition? This is a perfect way to freshen up in crystal-clear cenotes that are unique only to Yucatan. Just imagine taking a refreshing dip into these hidden pools created by nature – an amazing break from hot summer days in Yucatan.

When you’re descending down into them, it feels like entering some secret Eden. Stalactites create their own pieces of art while water is so clear it seems like jumping into postcards. The peaceful oasis waiting for exploration represents pure untouched beauty existing here.

It’s also about food – we will sample authentic Yucatecan dishes as part of our expedition. That means tacos you can’t get enough off and thirst-quenching aguas frescas are calling out for your belly – what else do you eat?

Chichen Itza goes beyond its physical aspects; it provides spiritual journeying especially when deeply acquainted with guides who do not just educate but tell stones’ tales as well as heavenly bodies making it a cosmic wonder.

So if you want one day full of ancient marvels, natural beauty, good company and tasty food then come along with us and let discover the magic of Chichen Itza. Allow stories from the Mayan world to captivate you while the cool cenotes revive you.

Let Condor Verde plan this fun adventure for you and your group. 

Condor Verde DMC Mexico

Have you ever thought about partnering with a Destination Management Company in Mexico? Look no further - Condor Verde DMC Mexico is your gateway to unforgettable experiences in this land of ancient traditions and modern marvels.

Mexico, a land of rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes.With our guidance, you get access to exotic places, like the impressive pyramids of Chichen Itza or the pristine beaches or Riviera Maya

Condor Verde DMC Mexico isn't just any travel agency; they are the key to unlocking the heart and soul of Mexico. Their team consists of local experts who possess an intimate understanding of the country's diverse regions and culture.

When you choose Condor Verde DMC Mexico as your partner, you gain access to a wealth of expertise in event planning. Whether it's orchestrating memorable corporate events, dynamic conferences, or group getaways, their team will turn your ideas into extraordinary experiences. Imagine team-building activities in lush Mexican jungles or serene retreats by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean.

What truly sets Condor Verde DMC Mexico apart is their commitment to crafting unique, personal journeys. This means immersing your clients in authentic Mexican traditions, exploring historic Mayan ruins like Tulum, and savoring the flavors of Mexico's diverse cuisine.

So, if you're eager to offer your clients epic Mexican adventures and ensure they experience the country's boundless beauty, Condor Verde DMC Mexico is the right partner for you. Contact us today for personalized proposals.

Latest destination news Mexico

Direct Flights between Mexico City and Shenzhen

Direct Flights between Mexico City and Shenzhen - 

Get ready for an exciting journey as China Southern Airlines, the nation's largest carrier, embarks on its maiden voyage from Mexico City with nonstop flights to and from Shenzhen, commencing 17th  April, 2024. This will be a twice weekly route. This exciting news makes further travel to Hong Kong and Thailand etc much easier. 

Key Highlights:

  • Historic Flight Route: Covering over 16 hours across the Pacific, this trailblazing route marks China's longest flight and one of the planet's lengthiest regular journeys, spanning 14,147 kilometers (8,790 miles).
  • Strategic Move: Despite logistical challenges, China Southern's decision underscores Mexico's growing allure as a business gateway, attracting Chinese enterprises seeking alternative routes.
  • Economic Momentum: With burgeoning bilateral trade and investments, China's direct engagement with Mexico surged to $587 million in 2022, setting a record high, indicative of the strengthening economic ties.
  • Trade Boost: As commerce flourishes, Chinese businesses, including Tesla suppliers like BYD Co., are establishing manufacturing footholds in Mexico, amplifying exports and diversifying market access.
  • Resilient Partnership: Despite pandemic-induced disruptions, both countries' commitment to fostering trade remains unwavering, with China Southern's new service paving the way for enhanced connectivity and collaboration.

Direct Flights between Mexico City and Shenzhen

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said :

“We reiterated our commitment to continue maintaining good relations for the benefit of our people and our nations,”

This landmark initiative symbolizes the deepening partnership between China and Mexico, fostering mutual prosperity and paving the way for future collaborations. Buckle up for a journey of growth, innovation, and opportunity! 

 Plan your next trip to China 


Condor Verde voted best DMC

Condor Verde voted Mexico's Leading DMC

In 1993, World Travel Awards™ was born. This marked a significant milestone in the acknowledgment and appreciation of outstanding achievements attained in the fields of travel, tourism, and hospitality. The World Travel Awards™ brand has since grown into a globally recognized emblem of unsurpassed excellence across these sectors.

Every year, the World Travel Awards embarks on a Grand Tour; a chain of regional gala ceremonies recognizing excellence on every continent. It is an incredible trip around the world that finally ends with a Grand Final that takes place at the end of each year where winners fight to be number one.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been voted as "Mexico's Leading Destination Management Company for 2023" by Condor Verde at the prestigious World Travel Awards. The winners were disclosed in Saint Lucia during a glamorous ceremony held on August 26th. Thank you to all who supported us!


Delta to increase seats with 30 percent to Latin America and Caribbean

Delta adds 35K seats  to their winter schedule

With more than 1000 weekly flight to the Latin and Caribbean region with 46 destinations

Building on its largest-ever service to the Latin region this winter, Delta is enhancing flight frequencies from six of its U.S. hubs. This growth translates to a 30% increase in available seats compared to last year's winter season, with added frequencies to nine destinations in the region including Guatemala and Liberia, Costa Rica, in Central America, as well as San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Delta Air Lines  announced its argest-ever holiday schedule. Happy to share that is has been extended with many routes now available to enjoy until April 2024. Delta is also adding an extra trip from Seattle to Cancun, this route will begin operating seasonally starting in December 2023.

 Additionally, Delta and the LATAM group are continuing to add joint venture routes as the partners work to grow their extensive combined network between North and South America.



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