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Explore Montenegro with Old Timers

Explore Montenegro with Old Timers

Discover the picturesque beauty of Montenegro in an unforgettable way with Old Timers Montenegro. Talas-M is a leading DMC based in Montenegro and invites you to see the breath-taking landscapes and historical places of this fantastic country with its classic vehicles that are between 30 up to 56 years old. These vintage cars will not only make your visit memorable but will also provide a fantastic story to share for years to come.

A Fleet of Timeless Elegance

Old Timers Montenegro has a broad selection of well-maintained old-fashioned cars; each one adds a feeling of nostalgia plus style to any journey:

Cabriolet Cars:

  • 4 cars with three seats plus driver
  • 2 cars with two seats plus driver

Oldtimer Limousine Mercedes W123:

  • 5 cars containing three seats plus driver

Beetle and TL Coupe Versions:

  • 2 cars with three seats plus driver

In total, the fleet can accommodate thirty-seven passengers, excluding drivers, for a comfortable and stylish travel experience.

Unforgettable Journeys in Vintage Style

Imagine driving along the beautiful coastlines of Montenegro looking at mountains or visiting historic cities while driving classic vehicles. Not just transportation but these old models offer more than that as it takes you back to time when automotive elegance was king. Every ride on an Old Timer is reminiscent of times past, combining excitement from exploration and pleasure from traditional motoring.

Experience Montenegro’s Heritage

Talas-M is committed to ensuring that every single detail of your experience with Old Timers Montenegro is well planned and executed. You will discover itineraries, escorted visits and everything else needed to discover the rich cultural heritage, beautiful natural surroundings, and vibrant traditions of Montenegro in the most engaging and elegant way possible. These automobiles will be driven by experienced drivers. 

Elevate your trip to Montenegro with Old Timers Montenegro arranged by Talas-M. If history fascinates you or you are a classic car enthusiast or just looking for an experience worth recording, then driving through Montenegro in these vintage cars has lasting memories written all over it. Enjoy a ride in these classic cars and let Talas-M be the guide on this journey across one of the most beautiful parts of Europe.

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07 July 2024