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Private Tai Chi Sessions

Private Tai Chi Sessions 

Crown DMC is providing private sessions where you will learn Tai Chi, the ancient art that also serves as an engaging and harmonious group activity. It’s a special opportunity for team-building activities that improve overall well-being, enhance unity, and provide insight into Chinese culture.

Let the Quietness of Tai Chi Flow Through You

Bring your team to Hong Kong for a truly calming experience of practicing Tai Chi in the serene environment led by skilled masters. This traditional martial art focuses on slow controlled movements and meditation leading to internal peace. This is a great way to begin any day as it helps participants feel grounded and refreshed.

Expert Guidance from Tai Chi Masters

The sessions are conducted by experienced instructors who have devoted their lives to mastering this discipline. They will guide your group through the basic principles and techniques involved in Tai Chi, making sure all participants get something valuable out of it regardless of their level of expertise.

Tailored Sessions for Team Building

Crown DMC understands that having teams work cohesively with moral boosting is very important. Our private Tai chi sessions can be tailored to suit your specific party needs whether you want better communication skills or just want quiet time together. By doing things synchronously and focusing collectively, the members will develop trust for one another and build camaraderie.

The benefits of tai chi for teams are:

  • Relieving Stress: The gentle flowing movements associated with tai chi can help relieve stress, creating a peaceful atmosphere at work.
  • Enhanced Communication: Engaging in tai chi sessions encourages nonverbal communication among colleagues hence promoting good relationships amongst each other.
  • Increased Energy and Vitality: After participating in tai chi exercises’ programs many people claim they feel more energised in order to face new challenges again with full strength.
  • Better Physical Health: It is a well known fact, that tai chi improves flexibility, balance and general health of the body, which leads to a stronger team.
Picturesque Locations

Our Tai Chi sessions can be held in some of Hong Kong’s most serene and picturesque locations. . A peaceful park, picturesque beach or a rooftop with breathtaking views of the city will only make your experience more memorable.

Plan your bespoke session with Crown DMC and experience Tai Chi as never before. Work together with us to organise an uninterrupted session that will back your team up again and fill them with new energy. Find out more and schedule Private Tai Chi Sessions as part of your group trip today!

08 July 2024