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A Culinary Journey through Little Havana

A Culinary Journey through Little Havana - 

Florida Meeting Services’ exclusive Culinary Journey through Little Havana offers a visitor the opportunity to glimpse into Miami’s vibrant cultural tapestry. A rich aroma of coffee, as well as the sound of Cuban music, can be experienced in Little Havana, located right at the heart of Miami. This is your entry ticket to a four-hour immersion tour around this iconic neighborhood with all its sights and sounds that have been part of it for generations.

What to Expect

The market is perfect for shopping where they display different types of colorful tropical fruits and other traditional meals. As certified guides lead you along busy roads, be prepared for a sheerly pleasurable feeling. Begin with fresh squeezed exotic fruit juice; this will set forth the meal ahead.

Taste of Tradition

There are many more classic eateries and hidden gems to take in order to explore the culinary heritage of little Havana. For example, Sink your teeth into the irresistible flavors of a classic Cuban sandwich, expertly crafted with layers of savory meats and tangy pickles.Discover the artistry behind the beef empanada which has been prepared ata family owend restaurant and is filled with recipes passed down from generation to generation thus every bite will taste traditionally special.

Cultural Icons

So visit to little Havana is complete without a bold Cuban coffee. Enjoy ham croqueta which is an enjoyable crispy inside treat depicting Cuba’s fast food culture like no other thing else would do. Taste artisanal ice cream at Azucar featuring innovative flavors grounded on Cuban heritage stimulating your taste buds.

Exploration Beyond Cuisine

Besides all those delicious dishes, there are also cultural attractions that recount history in their own way within this tour. For instance, Domino Park is an area where palm trees shade people who meet here for regular games of dominoes during weekends or evenings after work. Additionally, visiting five generation family run boutique factory will provide some great insight into cigar making as an age old art. Finally, Boulevard of Monuments is a road with pillars memorializing Cuba’s revolutionaries.

Seamless Experience

Florida Meeting Services takes very seriously the comfort and enjoyment of you and your group. The schedule has been carefully planned to ensure that they arrange luxury transportation for you to and from your residence in order to give you a trouble free journey. Plan now and let this fantastic DMC help you outdo yourself while on a team building exercise or much needed vacation.

 Highlights of Your Tour Include:

  • Local Marketplace Exploration
  • Tropical Juice Delight
  • Cuban Sandwich Tasting
  • Empanada Experience
  • Cuban Coffee Ritual
  • Delightful Croqueta
  • Artisanal Ice Cream
  • Domino Park Visit
  • Cigar Manufacturing Insight
  • Boulevard of Monuments

Book Your Culinary Journey

Discover flavors and traditions of Little Havana with Florida Meeting Services. Contact today for customized itineraries for your culinary adventure around Miami’s lively Cuban neighborhood. 

09 July 2024