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Botswana African Village Dinner

Botswana African Village Dinner

Botswana African Village Dinner

This amazing setting will blow you away. We can set up a most delicious dinner for you and your guests, where you take in the beauty of Botswana and be part of Botswana life. Be part of the Bush experience, listen to the sounds of nature and watch a stunning sunset, whilst enjoying a traditional African Village dinner under starlit skies.

Built in the bush 100 meters away from the lodge, an African Village setting enclosed by three thatched rondavels made of river reeds is the dinner venue for this evening.  The set up is such that the guests sit on the logs and eat from their laps on traditional enamel metal plates and cups.

Botswana's food is so much more than simply eating dishes that are server. Food consists of traditional ingredients and is based on culinary recipes passed on through generations.

Typical  food during your Botswana African Village Dinner:

Seswaa (stewed beef) is a traditional Botswana evening meal.

Bogobe is a kind of porridge, definitely a staple dish

Vetkoek  is simply delicious. It consists of bread that is filled with ground beef. Not only famous in Botswana, but also in other African countries.

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