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Fabulous eco-tourism sights in Colombia


Colombia is gaining recognition for its efforts in eco-tourism and sustainability. Check out these fabulous eco-tourism sights in Colombia.

The country offers a natural beauty from the coffee farms in the Andes to the cloudy forests in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Among these are:
• The Coffee Region with its sustainable coffee plantations and agricultural practices that respect the environment and traditional cultures.
• The Lost City with hiking activities, pristine rivers, waterfalls and interactions with Indigenous communities of the region.
• Tayrona Natural National Park with sustainable accommodation, coastal trails, snorkel, protected marine areas and vibrant coral reefs.
• The Cocora Valley with the tallest wax palms forests in the world.
• The Amazon rainforest with ecological lodges, guided tours by experts and exotic bird sightings.
• Los Nevados Natural National Park where you can witness the glacier change and support the conservation efforts to fight climate change.
• Sierra de la Macarena with a color changing river throughout the year.

Choosing eco-friendly traveling options and visiting these eco-tourism sights in Colombia not only allows exploring stunning landscapes, but also plays a crucial role in the conservation of these wonders for future generations.

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