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Sintra: Where Team Building Takes on a Fairytale Twist!

Sintra: Where Team Building Takes on a Fairytale Twist! - 

Are you ready to get out of the boardroom and step into the world of fantasy? Gather your colleagues together for this team-building extravaganza like no other as we head off to Sintra.

The Road to Team Spirit

Leave behind those columns of figures and hit the road for an unforgettable journey. Think about your team bonding during beautiful drives, exchanging stories, or perhaps singing some out-of-tune songs. Believe me nothing fosters company spirit quite like a good old road trip.

Castle Challenges Galore

Get ready to unleash your inner knights and damsels on a series of castle-themed challenges! From cracking puzzles at Pena Palace to negotiating the mazes at Quinta da Regaleira each task will test your teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Pastry Pit Stops

No team-building adventure is complete without some indulgence, right? While refuelling for the next stage in our journey, give your taste buds a treat by having some genuine Portuguese pastries. Tip: Use this opportunity to bond over how much you love custard tarts – after all shared calories don’t count!

Amidst all that castle hopping and pastry eating don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate Sintra’s natural beauty too.

So there it is – Sintra awaits! Swap out office attire for comfy shoes and be prepared to bond, conquer, and create memories that make you feel like kings and queens of the corporate world. Let the team building adventure start. Sintra: Where Team Building Takes on a Fairytale Twist waits ahead!


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31 January 2024