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Epic Expedition into Wadi Mandar

Epic Expedition into Wadi Mandar-

Pack your bags and prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey into the enigmatic wastelands of Egypt, where nothing but sandy hills and infinite skies await you. Come with Excel Travel on this expedition to Wadi Mandar, a hidden treasure which combines adventure with tradition in the most magical manner.

Imagine the following Epic Expedition into Wadi Mandar: together with other explorers like you, you jump into a rough 4×4 vehicle ready to conquer the desert like Indiana Jones himself would do nowadays. You fasten your seatbelt and as you settle in for what promises to be the wildest ride of all rides, there is a feeling coursing through the air akin to that generated by static electricity before a thunderstorm.

With wind whipping through your hair and sun caressing your skin, set off on scenic drive through desert marvelling at ever changing landscape around you. It’s like being on rollercoaster except instead of loops and twists there are vast sweeps filled with golden sand dunes interspersed by towering rock formations.

But wait (or rather ‘hold onto hats/turbans’) – best part is still yet to come! At heart of Wadi Mandar, greets group Bedouins who have been waiting expectantly along with their magnificent camels for arrival. Yes indeed – it’s hump day in desert and these gentle giants are raring to give riders time life!

Climb aboard & hang tight as you embark upon camel caravan trekking across desolate region making one feel like Lawrence of Arabia might’ve done whilst searching after hidden treasures (spoiler alert: actual treasure turns out be memories made along way!). There's something oddly hypnotic about swaying rhythmically atop such beasts throughout the entire duration until suddenly finding oneself surrounded with nothing else but sands embracing the true Bedouin lifestyle.

The next two hours will see one experience the desert-like never before – from sipping sweet tea inside traditional Bedouin tents to learning sandcastle making skills like a pro (who says grown-ups can’t play in the sand?). It’s journey filled with discovery, laughter and perhaps even a few unexpected twists (e.g being a natural camel rider!).

Therefore if you and your clients are ready trade city hustle bustle for the peace of the desert grab some factor 50 & travel with  Excel Travel for the trip of a lifetime through an ocean of sand you’ll forever cherish. What could lie behind next the dune?

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22 February 2024