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Zaanse Schans near Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans near Amsterdam - 

Prepare to travel back in time and bask in the beauty of Zaanse Schans, a hidden gem that is only a stone's throw away from Amsterdam! Imagine this: you walking through a picture-perfect scenery with windmills whispering stories of centuries gone by as the soft breeze blows against your face.

Zaanse Schans near Amsterdam is not just another pretty face; it is a living museum that brings history alive right in front of your eyes. So put on those comfortable shoes and get ready to be charmed by activities such as cheese making or clog carving while visiting traditional crafts. Here artisans still practice their skills thus keeping alive what has been passed down for generations over hundreds years in every stroke they make with chisel and each curd they press into place.

But hold on tight because there's more than meets the eye when it comes to this magical little town! While taking in all these sights sounds smells from times past why not have an easygoing picnic among its charming streets too? Find yourself some grassy patch, lay down your blanket and indulge into few goodies bought locally while enjoying peace around you – this is true ecstasy surrounded by mother earth herself combined with echoes coming through centuries’ worths.

And let us not forget about those windmills -those tall structures that stand dutifully against horizon representing Netherlands heritage at large. Be astonished by their massive sizes which contributed greatly towards shaping areas around them as well powering industries during ancient times . It feels like entering one painting after another painted by famous Dutch artists each depicting different scenes showing spirit behind invention coupled together with resilience against odds encountered along way .

Thus whether you identify yourself as a lover of history , foodie or just someone who wants to run away somewhere quiet far away from they city then Zaanse Schans must be visited.

Join DMC Amsterdam for a day trip to this enchanting village, and let the magic of DMC Amsterdam whisk you away on a journey through time and tradition.

29 February 2024