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Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul

Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul

This amazing Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul makes you float along the Bosphorus taking in the stunning sites of the European part of the city and its Asian part.

The above sentence is a perfect description of an amazing Istanbul’s Bosphorus Cruise that offers an opportunity for people to sail across Bosphorus, with a view of beautiful European and Asian parts of Istanbul.

Bosphorus Strait is the curving waterway that separates Europe from Asia. Along its banks are unexpected mix of ancient and modern, majesty and simplicity. Here, on the shore you will find both modern hotels and old wooden houses which are replaced by grand marble palaces built beside fortresses and small fishing villages. To have a good view of Bosphorus one has to take the cruise through it in a luxurious yacht.

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise

Once we pass Dolmabahçe Palace, dubbed as the most magnificent building on Earth one can also see at some distance parks as well as imperial pavilions of Yildiz Palace. The point next to it will be Ortaköy, this is where every Sunday artists come together to display their work along narrow streets. Another bridge comes elegantly over these waters linking Europe to Asia for the first time, they call it Bosphorus Bridge; one of the longest bridges in the world. Just after this there is Turkish Anatolian town Beylerbeyi Palace on the left side which also overlooks Çamlica Hill behind it rising high above Istanbul with its highest peak thus providing a great scene looking out onto Istanbul’s panorama.

Across Bosporus River from each other there are two twin castles: Rumeli Hisari and Anadolu Hisari then Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge being another connecting belt between continents two islands again follow suit immediately after them. Tarabya bay lies beyond further down along European side whereby yachts anchor whereas several seafront taverns dot along there towards back side. Then after coming from front part of fishermen homes if crosses this river which joins Black Sea.

This course takes one along Black Sea River, Marmara Sea and Dardanelles Strait.

You will enjoy a sumptuous lunch on board.

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