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Gatun Lake expedition Panama Canal

Gatun Lake expedition

Gatun Lake expedition in Panama

An exciting tour of the Panama Canal. Here on the Gatun Lake expedition, we will take you along Lake Gatun, once the largest artificial lake in the world (430 square km!). When you spend time on Gatun Lake we can extend the excursion to explore islands and lakeside villages as well. 

We can kayak and from the safety of the boat,  admire the tropical wild life - crocodiles, caimans, monkeys and many birds and experience the magic of Gamboa Rainforest.  Nature is truly stunning in Panama.  A naturalist guide will explain  more about the treasures to be found in the forest.

We recommend to combine the Gatun Lake expedition with the Gamboa Aerial Tram. It  is the only tram that passes above the rainforest. You travel with a gondola and can admire the thousand shades of green, the flowering trees, the birds and butterflies. 

If your group is active and into hiking, we can include Chagres National Park. Even a visiti to the indigenous villages can be included. Here we can see how the Panama people still live in their huts on stilts. Their way of life is so different from ours and we may learn a lot about nature from them.

Boating can be done in different ways. We can have a local guide and captain, but we can also use small motor boats and visit Monkey Island. Monkey island is located in the middle of the Lake. It is a chance to see the monkeys up close.

There is also a place to visit beautiful orchids. 

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