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Ten New Taxi boats Paris

Ten New Taxi boats Paris - 

Want a fun way to explore Paris that’s also kind to the environment? Look no further than Taxi Seine Paris. This groundbreaking service has 10 taxi boats, which each have room for six passengers. These ten new taxi boats Paris run between two of the city’s most famous landmarks: the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. Can't you just picture yourself cruising down the Seine?

But wait, there’s more! If you’re in town for the Olympics, Taxi Seine Paris is perfect – it connects Concorde Urban Park with Eiffel Tower Stadium. And make sure you check out SPOT24 near La Bourdonnais shuttle stop; it’s an exhibition on Olympic, sports and urban culture.

Ten New Taxi boats Paris

This amazing initiative was launched during the Sustainable Tourism Conference 2021 with the aim of improving mobility along this iconic river in France. River travel is not only picturesque but also environmentally friendly as it uses a quarter less energy than land transportation. Better still, Paris Port Community (CPP) and HAROPA PORT are working towards implementing new sustainable propulsion systems whereby by 40 out of 150 commercial vessels plying their trade in Seine River will have been upgraded to eco-friendly standards before Olympics kick off while many others follow suit thereafter.

Therefore next time when you find yourself in Paris skip traffic jams altogether by taking taxi boat which offers different perspective of French capital coupled with being environmentally friendly at same time.

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04 July 2024