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Miccosukee Indian Heritage Airboat Tour

Miccosukee Indian Heritage Airboat Tour - 

Fly to the heart of Florida’s Everglades National Park and immerse yourself in its unspoiled beauty and rich cultural heritage with Florida Meeting Services. This private airboat tour takes you deep into the wilderness, where you can discover awe-inspiring natural wonders and a history going back thousands of years.

Experience the Everglades Up Close

Traverse through shallow waters and sawgrass prairies on high-speed airboats to a secluded Miccosukee island. Look out for birds like great herons, egrets, wood ibis, storks, etc., leaving around as they fly above when moving across the ocean.

Dive into Cultural Discovery

Two historical Miccosukee island camps await you on arrival. Step ashore at these camps which have been home to generations of Miccosukee families. Learn about their intimate relationship with the land and their survival strategies in this tough environment of the Everglades. Let our knowledgeable guides captivate your imagination with enthralling myths revealing insights into traditions and ways of life surviving within these local communities.

Encounter Wildlife in Their Habitat

Go beyond civilization to spot wild alligators near a big camp. Often time, we use a skilled guide who is able “to speak gator” attracting these mammoth creatures out of water making it an exciting educational experience for everybody present.

Unforgettable Moments in Nature

Surrounded by untouched landscapes and the sounds of nature, immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Everglades. Capture stunning photographs of the lush cypress islands and the vibrant wildlife that call this ecosystem home. Each moment offers a glimpse into the natural and cultural diversity that defines this iconic region.

Inclusions and Details

  • All Inclusive: All entrance fees have already been paid before boarding hence no additional charges will be incurred.
  • Tour Interpretation: Guides provide commentary from the hotel where you started and ended your tour.
  • Certified Guides: Our guides are people with training and experience in their field who have achieved certain qualifications.
  • Guide to Guest Ratio: For personal care of guests, we usually assign 1 guide to a maximum of 50 travelers on bus ride while on airboats we place one for every 20 individuals.
  • Custom-Built Airboats: Use air boats (8-20 passengers) custom-built with high seats that enable better view riding them silently and turning them effectively as well.
  • Miccosukee Family Home: Here is the typical abode of Miccosukee families giving insight into their culture which is not found anywhere else today.
  • Island Exploration: During this trip, we shall visit two places – hunting camp tree Island and family camp tree Island accessible after embarking from the boat.
  • Wildlife Conservation: We only come across wild creatures or those bred back to restore endangered species at various areas. No captive animals for show purposes!
  • Earmuffs Provided: The company has earmuffs that all participants put on during the airboat adventure to avoid any discomfort associated with speed boating trips.
Tailored for Your Group

If you are planning a business retreat, team building exercise or an educational outing, let Florida Meeting Services create an itinerary that suits your group’s specific needs. With our detailed schedules and experienced tour guides, we promise you an unforgettable experience that combines fun learning and appreciation of Florida’s natural resources.

Book Your Miccosukee Indian Heritage Airboat Tour

Are you ready for a trip deep inside the Florida Everglades? Reach out to  Florida Meeting Services and book your airboat adventure to the historical Miccosukee island camps. Visit us there soon as we take you through the wonderland called Everglades and make you keep away unforgettable moments of nature and culture in the United States’ most unique ecosystem.

07 July 2024