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The Tutankhamun Immersive Exhibition opens

The tomb of Tutankhamun had been discovered by Howard Carter, an English archeologist, over 100 years ago on November 4, 1922. His nearly intact tomb was found in the Valley of the Kings at Luxor just in time when these expeditions were about to run out of money. He was sponsored by Lord Carnarvon. Howard Carter’s earlier attempts at significant findings from the Valley of the Kings have failed.

A unique temporary exhibition has been announced by The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) which promises to offer a fascinating look at Ancient Egypt’s captivating history.

“Tutankhamun – the immersive exhibition” is making its international premiere at the grand Egyptian museum in November 2023, coinciding with exactly one hundred and plus years since King Tutankhamun’s tomb was found; this will be a new kind of storytelling experience through an exhibit that allows one-of-a-kind rediscovery of King Tutankhamun story.

Visitors will enter into a journey of remarkable audio-visuals that stretches for over three millennia utilizing state-of-the-art digital projections which make it possible to fully immerse themselves into life as well as activities that involved this legendary ruler called King Tutankhamun.

While exploring these recreated temples and learning hidden facts about them among other treasures, tourists will be surrounded from all sides with a 360-degree visual feast accompanied by outstanding music tracks.

King Tutankhamun loves history and legacies. This extraordinary voyage through time should not pass unnoticed by anybody who is seeking unforgettable moments.

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31 October 2023