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A World-Class Visitor Experience Egypt

A World-Class Visitor Experience in Egypt

This is beyond the point of being excited; we have great news and updates about visitor experience Egypt.

Amr Gazarin, newly appointed Executive Chairman at Orascom Pyramids, has announced some fabulous news.

A New Era for the Giza Plateau

Orascom have embarked on a journey to completely transform the experience for all visitors—Egyptians and tourists alike. Granted, the Giza Plateau is a historical marvel but we want it to be a world-class tourist attraction with more than just glimpses into history.

As you may know, pyramids area needed an update. There were no basic facilities such as clean toilets, good shops and stalls, food and beverage outlets, places to sit or even environmental friendly means of transportations. This is what Orascom thought needs to change.

Vision: A World-Class Visitor Experience Egypt

In other words, Orascom wants to create a new look at its pyramid plateau that would blow your mind off. In addition they have announced that project progress well in conjunction with Ministry of Antiquities unwavering support as well as expertise team work from their planners and suppliers such as our excellent DMC Excel Travel who were happily cooperating with them so far. They are happy to report 95% completion of this ambitious programme which envisages several new installations that will provide an entirely different kind of fun during your touristic pilgrimage.

What to Expect?

We’re talking clean restrooms, fantastic food and beverage options, cozy seating and shelter areas, eco-friendly transport around the site, and more! Their goal is making sure your visit stands out not only in memories but also in terms of comfortability. Every bit of this makeover has got to be felt during your visit.

Orascom are incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved so far and are eagerly looking forward to completing this historic project. Their vision is to restore the beauty and glory of the Giza Plateau, making it a source of pride and inspiration for the whole world.

Therefore, we warmly invite you to witness this passion and zeal first hand.

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27 May 2024