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Big News About Rio Carnival 2025!

Big News About Rio Carnival 2025

Big News About Rio Carnival 2025!

We've got some fantastic news about Rio Carnival 2025! Drumroll, please... the official Samba Schools Parade is now going to be three nights instead of just two!

And why is it an extra night? It is all about making sure everyone has a good time and not feel like sardines in a can. This way people can spread out the fun over three nights, help relieve overcrowding and thereby enhance their comfort.

This alteration also means that there are more seats! Yes, they have heard your pleas for more frisas tickets. However, most camarotes took over the spaces meant for frisas hence securing those best positions was problematic within two nights only. So now we’ve got some air to breathe and we’ll have some extra frisas.

Here’s another advantage: all schools will march under twinkling night lights now. No more missing out on glorious twilight moments with a sunrise performance!

But wait, there’s more! The Champions’ Parade in which the top six schools perform again at the Sambadrome still occurs on Saturday after Carnival. Think of it as a “mini carnival” – great for those who cannot stay through all of Carnival. The Champions’ Parade package lasts two nights so it is easier on the pocket and gives you an opportunity to see cream of the crop. Plus, tickets for Champions’ Parade are cheaper!

Big News About Rio Carnival 2025

If you're thinking of extending your stay beyond the Champions' Parade, you'll be happy to know hotel rates go back to normal. And if you want to explore Rio without the Carnival chaos, all the major attractions (except for Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain) are open on the Thursday and Friday before and the days after the Champions' Parade weekend. Even the street carnival blocks are in full swing during this time, giving you a taste of Carnival without the crazy crowds.

Be Brazil are also working on a Carnival e-book packed with all the info you need about the parade, transportation, carnival balls, street events, and more. Stay tuned – it'll be available soon!

Mark your calendars: Carnival 2025 is from February 27th to March 5th (Friday to Wednesday), with the parades happening on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. And the Champions' Parade? That's from March 7th to 9th.

We can't wait to see you there! So get planning your Carnival Adventure here