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Delta Resumes New York-Tel Aviv Flights

Delta Resumes New York-Tel Aviv Flights

Delta Resumes New York-Tel Aviv Flights

Get ready to fly to Tel Aviv like never before with the resumption of daily nonstop service by Delta Air Lines from New York’s bustling metropolis at JFK to the vibrant city of Tel Aviv (TLV), starting June 7, 2024! The company stopped this route in October 2023 when it took a pause for safety reasons.

Customers can expect luxury on board an Airbus A330-900neo, among the most modern and comfortable widebody aircraft. The airline is currently offering nearly 2,000 weekly seats which provide lots of options for people hoping to visit Tel Aviv — be it its pristine beaches or lively markets and cultural landmarks.

The announcement comes after recent moves made by Delta in partnership with EL AL Israel Airlines that significantly increase connectivity between major U.S. cities and Tel Aviv. Through their cooperation agreement Delta seeks not only to give travelers more flexibility but also ensure smooth touchpoints along the way while traveling from one dynamic destination into another.

This decision reflects Delta’s commitment towards passenger safety as well as monitoring closely what is happening within Israel itself; therefore they have reinstated flights between JFK and TLV keeping these two points under constant review so as not compromise anybody's wellbeing unnecessarily during such turbulent times abroad – all whilst placing greatest emphasis upon one's welfare even when far away from home & ensuring utmost care throughout journey.

So whether you have come down here for business purposes or just want some leisurely Mediterranean sunbathing time then rest assured that everything will go smoothly thanks once again goes out to delta making sure every traveller has their needs met no matter what kind of trip they are embarking upon.

 Rediscover the magic of Tel Aviv with confidence and convenience. Buckle up and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey!