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THAI launches flights to Milan and Oslo

THAI launches flights to Milan and Oslo - 

Thai Airways International – THAI, made history on the 1st of July 2024 by unveiling its new service to Milan and Oslo from Suvarnabhumi International airport in Bangkok. The ceremony was attended by top management officials who gave gifts that were handed over to customers before boarding.

These new routes demonstrate the commitment of THAI to expanding its global network and meeting increasing travel demand between Asia-Pacific and Europe. To facilitate easy movement of people, flight schedules have been arranged as per the following:

Bangkok-Milan Daily Flights:

TG940: Departs at 00:40 hours from Bangkok and arrives Milan at 07:35 hours (local time).

TG941: Departs at14:05 hours from Milan and arrives Bangkok on next day morning at 05:55am.

Bangkok-Oslo Daily Flights:

TG954: Flight departs Bangkok at 00:55 am, arrives Oslo at 07:25 am(local time).

TG955: Flight departs Oslo at14:15hours, arrives in Bangkok by next day morning hour(6;15am)

THAI launches flights to Milan and Oslo

These offerings not only provide more options for passengers but also reinforce their contractual relationship with Star Alliance thereby making it possible for them to switch flights across continents without any hitches. The flights are well positioned to take into consideration both business travelers and tourists hence they offer efficient travel solutions coupled with high-end services.

Therefore, this part highlights international routes launched by Thai airways as a means of strengthening its position in the global aviation sector as one way of improving access into European destinations for travelers originating from Thailand or other parts of Asia Pacific region. The presence of these flights demonstrates an emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality service delivery by THAI which guarantees comfortable trips characterized by punctuality among others features.

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01 July 2024